January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday Gregg! Kaidi is 13 Months!

Yesterday was such a great day! We had a cookout to celebrate Gregg's birthday and even though it RAINED and RAINED, we had a wonderful time! We grilled sausage, hotdogs and burgers and then we had baked beans, pasta salad, potato chips, 3 different kind of dips, shrimp cocktail and cheese dip to go along with it! We had about 25 people there and we watched Alabama play football while enjoying the food. Shortly after halftime, we decided to break out the Dance game! We had quite a laugh with this game! Gregg really enjoyed his birthday and I was glad that he had such a good day. I gave him his birthday present shortly after midnight. He has been talking about a new treestand FOR MONTHS now and I found the one he wanted online for a VERY good price with free shipping and I got the treestand in 2 days! I was very impressed.
 His party started around 11 Saturday morning and I think the last guest left around 5:30! We had a good, long day of fellowship and fun!
 Bringing in the new year was just a regular day for me! I have set some resolutions and decided to share some of them on my blog. Most of them have to do with organization! I am usually really good at getting organized, but lately I have felt SOOOO busy that I haven't had much energy for organization! Here are a few of my resolutions:
1-Establish a Cleaning Schedule for the House. ( i have a few "mini resolutions" to go along with this)
2-Clean out both Spare Closets and Pack and Ship to the Attic. ( I started on some of this last night after I took the Christmas tree down. I know this isn't going to be easy. I found myself sitting on the floor with a big box full of cards from after the twins passed away.. I went through about 20-30 of them and just cried. I honestly wanted to burn the box because I wanted no reminders, but I just taped it up and sent it on to the attic last night so I wouldn't have to go through them for a long time)(the other closet is full of B&K's things so I know it won't be easy either)
3-Learn how to sew an applique. ( I know this one seems easy, but it is something that I am determined to learn this year!)
4-Committ to blog 2 times a week! (I have been a slacker so I think I can squeeze in twice a week! :) )
5- Change my eating habits! (I am not gonna have a resolution to loose this many pounds or this many inches, I just decided that I am going to change my eating lifestyle and I know in doing so, I will shed what I don't need and make changes to last a lifetime!)
6- Grow deeper in my walk with Christ and devote more time to prayer for others.
7- Make A's and B's in my classes at school. (by the way, I start school this month!! working on my elementary education degree.. FINALLY.. I am shooting for a's AND B's because I know how I am and I know that I would be proud of myself for making a B in some classes!!)

I have a few more resolutions, but decided to keep them to myself! I think goals for the new year are a good idea.. Gregg and I use to sit down and set financial goals. We may do that within the next week or two. I think it would be a great way to organize our financial budget for the year.

Kaidi is now 13 months old! She is walking so much now! I cannot get over how quick it happened! I picked her up from S&E's Friday and they told me she was walking all day.. I couldn't believe it 'till I saw it for myself! It amazed me how much difference just one day is! She still crawls a lot, but she is standing up and walking more and more.. Here are a few other things about what she's up to:
-Wears size 12m clothes
-Wears size 3 diapers
- Has cut 2 more teeth in the last week, so 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom
-Loves to sing and dance
-Her words are pretty much the same as last month.. She will shake her head yes and no when you ask her a question.
-She is sleeping 11-12 hours at night.
-She takes 2 (sometimes 3) naps a day. Usually one at 9 and one at 1.. sometimes one at 5.
-Has started playing SO well in her room by herself. She loves her shapes sorter (Brayden loved this too). She carries it like a purse!
-She has been on whole milk for about 3-4 weeks now. I am planning on getting her off the bottle by the end of this month :(  She does good with a sippy cup, but when she is sleepy, she wants that bottle!! I took the twins away the week they turned a year old.. am I growing soft in my older years?? :)
-She is so sweet! Such a good mixture of both B&K! It's unreal! For the most part, she looks like Brayden, but some of her expressions you can see Kenadi. Her temperment is Kenadi Reese to a T! She has that Wild, spitfire temper.. but she plays and interact just like Brayden.. When she dances, she tilts her head to the side and bounces and it is like watching Brayden all over again! I love it!

I will come back in sometime tomorrow and add pictures! Or maybe just do a post of pictures!! We have a busy week ahead of us! I have to get registered for classes, I have a dr. apt. I nee to make a dr. apt for Kaidi to get her 2nd flu shot. It's time for Maggie to have her pins removed and Gregg has a rotary conference this weekend! Not counting all the house cleaning I need to do to recover from the weekend (the party and taking down all the Christmas decor) I was so sad to take it all down!! Anyway.. Hope you all have a great week and I will post later with pics!

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Jean said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Greg! Waiting to see the new pictures. lol.Take care, Jean