January 27, 2011


Bleach has SO many uses! You can use it to whiten your whites, remove mildew, brighten your glassware and the main reason I buy bleach- To sanitize toys! Last night, I went and grabbed every single toy of Kaidi's that could be soaked, and went and threw them in my bathtub with hot water and bleach and let them soak for about 2 hours. I also have some Clorox Sanitizing spray that I am going to coat down every inch of her other toys (battery operated and cloth) with. You may wonder, what has suddenly brought this on? Strep Throat! Kaidi had her 2nd flu shot yesterday morning, and then she woke up early this morning with a fever and a slight "barking" cough. I figured the fever was from the shots and she went on to S&E's. This afternoon around 2, Gregg's Granny called me and told me that she had been running fever, crying and coughing (with a rattle in her chest) all day. So I called the pediatrician just to see if those were common side effects from the shot. The fever was, but they wanted me to bring her in so they could listen to her. When I arrived at the office, Gregg's Papa got there at the same time and when I looked at Kaidi I could just tell she was sick. She was burning up and her hair was sweaty looking and her cheeks were flushed. She was very unhappy being back at the dr. office, and couldn't decide if she wanted me or papa shorty so she was pretty fussy. They came and checked her temperature and it was 101.8. :( They got us in to a room and did a flu and strep test. I knew her little throat hurt because when she would cough, she would scream. She was just pitiful. The strep test came back positive (and thankfully the flu test was negative). The Dr. came in to see her and heard her cough and the way she was inhaling and said she also has Croup. She got a sterroid shot and then a prescription for anti-biotics and we left there. I don't know why, but it is alway so exhausting to me to take her to the dr. when she is sick. You wanna do everything you can to make her happy and it's hard when you are confined to a small room and she only remembers that place from shots and being pinned down to look in her throat and ears. It's traumatic for her and exhausting for Mommy! We have a wonderful pediatritian though and he has a wonderful staff of sweet nurses who, I am sure, have a love/hate relationship with their job. You gotta love making kids better, but hate making kids hurt! She had a pretty rough evening tonight. She was fussy and whinny and didn't eat much soup at all. But she did drink a LOT of milk. I am sure the cold milk felt soothing to her throat. Gregg already had the day off tomorrow to go hunting, so he is staying home with Kaidi and is just going to leave when I get off at 4. Guess our Busy weekend running places is now going to be busy inside the house, sanitizing everything!

Saturday is my Neice, Addison's, 4th Birthday! She is the oldest of the "four" who were born that year to our family! 
Happy Birthday Addison!
We love you!

Here is one of the pictures of the 4 little ones together
Brennon, Addison and then Brayden being licked by Kenadi
Christmas 2008
Believe it or not, it was pretty hard to get a picture of them all together! We have a few attempts the 4 of them with Ashton and Grayson (some with Pop and Nana too)! Here are a few of those (had to share)
Nana holding Grayson and Addison, Ashton holding Brennon and Pop holding Brayden and Kenadi
The twins were 11 days old in this picture.
May 2007

Ashton, Addison, Kenadi and Grayson on the back
Brayden and Brennon asleep on the front
November 2007

Ashton and Grayson in the back
Kenadi, Brennon, Addison and Brayden in the front
Easter 2008

Grayson with Addison, Brayden and then Ashton holding Kenadi and Brennon
Labor Day 2008
Clockwise from top: Addison, Brayden, Kenadi and Brennon (birth order too)
Christmas 2008
Back: Grayson, Pop and Brennon
Front: Brayden, Kenadi, Nana, Addison and Ashton
June 2009
It's amazing how much they grew through these pictures and it amazes me how much Ashton, Grayson, Addison and Brennon have grown. It's hard for me to believe the little ones are about to be 4. That it has been that long. I remember B&K wearing 24 month clothes and just starting to really talk good. Now Addison and Brennon are wearing 4T and talking up a storm!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend!

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