January 9, 2011

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Gregg and I went to Orange Beach, AL this weekend for a Rotary Conference. I was able to sit in on a good bit of the meetings and was amazed at the great things that Rotary International has accomplished. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner Friday night at Louisianna Lagniappe, then Gregg had to start his conference at 9 Saturday morning. I rode to the closest Waffle House and bought a breakfast sandwich to go. I met Gregg in the meetings around 10:30 and stayed with him through the rest of the program. It ended around 3 and we decided to drive over to Gulf Shores and do a little shopping. We went to Lowes and then stopped by Old Time Pottery. We debated on catching a movie but the only 2 we wanted to see were an hour from playing and we really didn't feel like waiting. We then went over to Books A Million and I think we spent an hour in there! :) We both bought a book and we headed back to the hotel. We decided since it was going to be getting really cold in our area that we should head home a lil earlier than planned. We left around 9 and stopped by waffle house and had breakfast before taking the 2 1/2 hour trip home. We arrived back home at 12 and Gregg's mom and dad brought Kaidi home when they got out of church. They stayed a little while and we all played some xbox while Kaidi napped. It was my turn on the Adventures game and Gregg said, "Watch Prego show us up now." Well I didn't pay it any attention, but Gregg's mom caught it and asked Gregg why he called me prego. Well his eyes got pretty big and I turned (trying to help cover) "Yeah, why did you call me prego?"  It was too late, it was already blown!! :) So Guess what!! hahah!! :) We were hoping to wait just a few more weeks before we told so we could find out if we were having a boy or a girl and then tell everyone all at the same time! BUT, oh well, at least we have a funny way to tell about this! :) We called all the rest of our close family and then decided to announce it to the world A.K.A Facebook and then I decided to put it on here! :) I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday and my due date is July 26th. We have known since the week before Thanksgiving and I have actually made a few entries since then in a private blog that i have. I am going to share that below. Gregg and I are very excited and are praying for a healthy baby.

November 15, 10:00pm-

Gregg just got called out to a wreck. I think I am gonna test now.. and surprise him if it's positive and just carry on like normal if it's negative. This waiting game, even though it's only 3 minutes, seems like forever!! Let me go peek at it.. OMG 2 pink lines!!! This is for real!!! I took the test and put it in a ziplock snack bag and wrote a lil note on some of my stationery and stuck it in Gregg's Bible. I knew he would be doing his quiet time when he got back and he would definitely see it.. I even put it in the book of Malachi!! :)
Gregg comes in while I am finishing up my work-out and when I got done I hopped in the shower but kept peeking in the bedroom to see if he was lying on the bed doing his quiet time yet.. i hurried through the shower, got out and dried off, brushed my teeth, threw on my gown and hopped in bed just waiting for him to see the note... He didn't he completely had his quiet time, closed his Bible and went to bed!! I know why, it's because his Bible is so stinking big! Think I know what I am getting him for Christmas! :) So he puts his Bible up and comes and lays down. I asked him,
"Did you find my note?" (knowing that he hadn't).
His response, "I saw one in there, but I just thought it was an old one"
me, "it wasn't!"
him "do you want me to go read it"
me "nah, it will be there tomorrow night!"
him, "ok"
Now I am lying here thinking, surely his curiousity will get the best of him.....3minutes..... 4 minutes.....5minutes..... ok, i couldn't wait any longer, "I'm Pregnant!"
him- "are you sure?"
me- "pretty sure"
him- "how do you know?"
me- "the two pink lines that are on the test in your Bible"
him- "u put the test in my Bible?" (now he is getting up to get this out of his Bible"
me- "don't worry, I put it in a ziploc bag!"
He gets to his Bible and opens it up and looks at it and he has this big smile on his face. He was excited! I could tell. He crawls back in the bed and gives me another kiss and says, "congrats!"Nov. 17
Today I had to take Maggie to Ozark for her fracture repair. When I got back in the car to head home, I grabbed some hand sanitizer and cleaned my hands.. 5 minutes later I am pulling over and puking! WHAT? I NEVER had the first day of nausea with the twins or with Kaidi so what gives?? Hopefully that will not go on this time, but hey, at least it's a good sign that I am still preggers! :)
Nov. 29
I have had the most nausea. Haven't thrown up anymore, but any lil thing will make me gag! I seem to get very sick in the car, like the motion is causing me to be sick.. I am completely unfamiliar with this! My appetite drops in the evenings (which I am not complaining). Usually I will cook supper, and the smell of it just keeps me from wanting to eat it!
Dec. 7
Today I had my doc apt and my ultrasound. I also had to take Kaidi to Dr. Bang for her 1 yr well check. I took her with me to Dr. Bowens. After sitting and talking with Dr. Bowen for 45 minutes I realized what time it is and knew that I had to go across town and pick Gregg up and come back that way to the hospital for the ultrasound. I got to the bank and realized I left Kaidi's bottle at Dr. Bowens and Kaidi was having a FIT for it. Gregg dropped me off at the hospital and ran to Dr. Bowens and got her bottle while I registered and then met me in the radiology department. When we got in to the room to do the ultrasound, Kaidi didn't want Gregg she only wanted me so I had to hold her while getting the ultrasound done! After the tech took all the measurements, she finally showed me the screen. My little blueberry was there with the heart fluttering away! I measured 7 weeks which is the exact day that I had calculated, and my estimated due date is July 26. I was so happy to see a heartbeat. Also made it feel more real to me. I still don't know when Gregg and I will announce this pregnancy.Dec. 28
Tonight Ashton came over and we decided to do Turbojam. I have been doing it about 2-3 times a week, but tonight it hit me pretty bad and I ended up running to the bathroom to puke! Oh no, I am sure she will know now!! Maybe not, Maybe I played it off well that I just got too hot!!
Dec. 30
Woke up at 1 this morning with some HORRIBLE virus. I am afraid if I don't get anything in my system, I may have to go to the ER for fluids! 
Jan. 6
Today I had to go back for a checkup and got to hear the heartbeat. It is just one of the sweetest sounds! Thank God for a healthy heartbeat! I am 11w2d today and we still have not announced. We are most likely going to announce in the next 3-4 weeks. I have another appointment in 4 weeks and I don't know that I will be able to keep using excuses as to why I am going to the doctor again. We are planning to go and surprise Gina either next week or the next and let her do an ultrasound just to see if maybe we can tell what the gender is yet. She has said that she has been able to tell a boy early. We are hoping for a boy and honestly my intuition is telling me it's a boy, but guess we will find out soon enough. At the dr. this morning, I was telling him on how we were going to see Gina and hoped that we could tell what it was and he smiled and said good luck. He then told me that they had 4 wrong last year.. I could not imagine going in thinking I was having a boy or a girl and having the nursery ready and closet full and then coming home with the opposite! Wow, talk about a surprise! :) Hopefully it will be pretty easy to tell! I remember when I was pregnant with the twins, I had a feeling I was having a boy, I couldn't say that I thought I was having 2 boys, but I knew there was at least one in there. I remember even buying the twins a matching carter's outfit the week before we found out, I knew I could take back the dress if it was 2 boys or the shortall if it was 2 girls! I can stil see that outfit so clearly. You know, I have always prided myself in my picture memory. I use to have a good memory on everything, but that has changed drastically since I had kids! But I can remember pictures so clearly in my mind! I told Gregg the other day that I bet I could remember every single picture of B&K and tell you something about that day! Now, sure there are pics of the twins that I didn't take that I am unsure about, but if I snapped it, I remember it.. it's almost as if it also stored itself in my heart. Anyway, back to the pregnancy. I am anxious to tell everyone and I acutally had to "stretch the truth" when I was walking out of the dr. office. I ran into a girl from Opp that is expecting and I asked her if she was ready to have her baby and she said yeah, soon, what about you? and I said "no" and I wasn't EXACTLY lying.. it was more of.. I'm not getting ready yet! I will be in the next couple of months, but right now I am just letting it grow!! :) So I really wasn't lying was I? :)

By the way, Here is another pic of Kaidi that was taken that we have not been able to share yet!! :)


Jamie said...

congratulations! so thrilled for you! kaidi is the cutest little thing ever!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the new baby! That is wonderful news!

Jodi said...


Awsome news, I'm so happy for you both :)


West Family said...

What a sweet way of telling your husband! I love the little shirt too! I wanted to gag at the sight of any food with the baby I am currently pregnant with and it is a boy:)

Victoria said...

how fantastic!! praying for you all and for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby!! :)

Brittany..Following my Bliss said...

Congrats! I was thinking you were pregnant in recent pictures you posted and wondered when you'd be announcing! :)

kellykelley224 said...

Congratulations!!!! God is good! Can't wait to find out if its a boy or girl! Praying for a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. :)

lisa said...

congratulations, so happy for you!

Marianne said...

Congrats! I hope the rest of your pregnancy passes easily and with no more puking. Kaidi looks adorable as always.

Jennifer said...

I don't comment much, but I've totally been looking for this announcement. I expected it in the recent post that said there was a surprise at the end. I cannot keep those kind of surprises. I always tell right away!!! I've been blessed to find our really early with several of my babies, around 14 or 15 weeks. But, it is hard to tell that early. Will you have more than one look to confirm if you do find out that early? Good Luck in finding out!! Can't wait to hear!!! Praying for a healthy baby!!

Jean said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you, your husband & for Kaidi


Unknown said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news . I was thinking you might have some news soon.

Kayla said...

Congratulations! It's funny that you're announcing this now, because I thought it was going to be the "surprise" at the end of your last post...can't wait to hear if you're right about it being a boy!

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling you would be making an announcement soon! I am so happy for you!! Prayers from Texas for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Sue said...

Congratulations! So so happy for you and Gregg! And Kaidi too! :)
Praying for you during this time.

Jean said...

Congratulation! Thrilled for you and Greg and hoping it's a boy.

Niki said...

CONGRATULATIONS MEREDITH!!!! So excited for you guys :) Hope the sickness is gone and you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy...I am 21 weeks with twin boys and was sick for 12 weeks exactly...so maybe it is a boy :) Best Wishes!!

Unknown said...

I thought it was your other surprise too!!!! Congratulations Meredith!

chrisannan said...


chapinamom said...

YEAAAAA!!! I'm always checkin' your blog, but lately have been sure to read each one carefully in hopes that you'd have some prego news - I agree, the title about "surprise at the end" really had me hoping!! So very happy for you - can't wait to find out if Kaidi's getting a brother or sister!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Toyia Colquett said...

I'm tickled blue *hehe*!! Since he's a boy!!! Kaidi's hair looks soooo blonde to me in that picture.

travcat said...

Wonderful news!


Jenifer's Journey said...

Congratulations!!!!! Amazing news!!!