December 10, 2010

So Behind

I have been so behind on blogging and uploading pictures lately. We have been pretty busy with Thanksgiving and now with Kaidi's birthday party, and then Christmas sneaking up on us too. We have only bought one gift so far for Christmas! Gregg has been busy making a rocking horse for Kaidi for her birthday and I cannot WAIT to show you pics of it! He has done a wonderful job and I am so proud of him and proud of the treasure that Kaidi will have from her Daddy. I thought I would blog and try to catch up on all we have had going on lately.
Sunday, after Thanksgiving, Gregg's younger brother (who has been in England for a LONG time in the air force) came to visit with his wife and 6 month old little boy, Noah. It was so good to see them and meet his new wife and watch Kaidi and Noah play. She did not like when I held Noah. Then when Gregg picked him up, she crawled right over to him and pulled up on him and started "uh uh uh" so Gregg had to pick her up too. Here are a few pics:

The following Tuesday (Nov 30) we had the Rotary Christmas Party. The Rotary does an auction to raise money for the club. Each member has to bring a wrapped gift and then there is a "blind" auction. You have no idea what you are bidding on. It's a lot of fun and for example, one of the gifts was climbing sticks and they cost around $50 and after Gregg, Walt and Trey "fighting/bidding" for them (because they knew it had to be something good since Trey brought it and Trey brings gifts that he wants) The winning bidder ended up paying $200 for them. I know it sounds crazy, but it's a fundraiser and you can write it off on your taxes!  Here is a picture of Gregg holding up one of the gifts while Jason looked for the highest bidder

During the auction, Kaidi, Abby and Joseph entertained themselves running/crawling all over the senior citizen building

Here is just a recent picture of our house. I don't remember the last pic of my house that I have posted. We have added a few trees in our flowerbeds and then my R on the front door.

This past weekend, we went to Dothan and invited Anthony, Tonya and Kylee to go along with us. We stuck the little girls in the back so they could ride together. They enjoyed snacking on cheerio's and goldfish and were actually really good.

We went to Olive Garden and had a wonderful lunch. It is getting harder and harder to eat in resturants with Kaidi. She is just at that age where she doesn't understand waiting and that she can't get down and crawl around! While leaving OG, the Daddy's were bringing the girls back to the car so I had to snap a pic!

The other night I decided to put a little outfit on Kaidi and take a few pic of her with the tree. I was actually surprised that the outfit fit her. It is 0-6 months. She got it last year but it was way too big last year and I was actually gonna give it to Toyia to use it for Sophie, but after looking at it, I thought she might could wear it and I was right. Here are a few of those pics:

Here are our stockings. I ordered them from PersonalCreations on a Wednesday and got them in the mail the following Monday. I was so excited that they came in so quickly and I LOVE them! I went ahead and got an extra so it would balance out on the fire place and that way when we have another little one, we will have a matching one (in case they discontinue)

Tuesday (the 7th) I took Kaidi to Dr. Bang for her One year Well baby check up.

She weighed 21 lbs and was 28" long. She had to get shots and I HATE when she gets shots. I wanna cry with her. That night she was pretty fussy. I just gave her a little extra attention and loved on her. She did find a new place to play later that evening. She already has a "drawer" in our kitchen that is full of plasticware, sippy cups and bottles but now she has ventured in to the cabinet!

That's pretty much the "catch up" from the past 2 weeks!

Something extra:
With the twins I taught them "I Love You" by pointing to my eye, crossing my arms on my chest and then poking her in the belly when I say you and I usually say "you you you you"
well, now if she is sitting in my lap facing me, she will point to my eye and i will say "I" then she will tap her tummy and I will say "love" and then I give her a big squeeze and say "YOU YOU YOU!" I LOVE it!!


Lori said...

I love the "I love you" thing :) I think I will try that with my 18 month old :)

Ona said...

I love your blog and have read it since the accident. I often times sit at my laptop crying with your posts, you have really touched me with your writing and I thank you for sharing your story!! Kaidi is such a beautiful little girl I am happy she has been blessed with such great parents.
I couldn't help but notice the post with Kaidi forward facing and her new height and weight stats, I must start by saying to each their own but some parents just don't know the benefits of extended rear facing and if you don't I thought I would share some great website to start your research... and are two of many great sites!!!!
Thank you again for sharing your life with us all.