December 1, 2010

Happy FIRST Birthday Kaidi!

My sweet Baby girl is One! Wow! She is such a happy baby and I love every minute with her!! She has just blossomed over the past few months! I took the above pictures this morning! I think she liked the extra attention of singing and cameras! Here are some of the things she is up to nowadays:
-She wears 9m and 12m clothes
-She weighs 20 lbs.
-Drinks 4oz of Bottle (this just blows my mind)
-Pulls up on everything and has stood on her own a few times without knowing!
-Loves to get in to things!!
-Can say "dada" "papa" "was that" "woof woof" "ball" "baba" (bottle) "uh oh" "tree" and has said "mama" just a time or two. She has been making the "ma" sound a lot so I know it won't be long!! :)
-She loves playing Peekaboo.
-Her favorite toys right now are a ball, her baby doll and the 2 singing elmo dolls she has.
-Her hair is a darker blonde.
-She has 4 teeth.
-She will eat pretty much anything you put in front of her.
-She does really well with the Christmas Tree. We tell her no and she will stop about 2' from the tree and point and smile.
-She loves to give kisses!
-She sleeps REALLY well now. She goes to bed around 8 and we get her up around 7:30. I can't remember the last time she woke up in the middle of the night!
-She can crawl REALLY fast!

I wrote a letter for the twins on their first birthday and had plans to do it every year and when they turned 18 give them a collection of the letters in the form of a book. I am going to continue that plan with Kaidi so here is her letter:

My Sweet Baby Girl,
   I cannot tell you how much joy your have brought in to my life over the past year. Your smile truly brightens my everyday! It is so hard for me to believe that you are a year old! You are Beautiful! Your blue eyes remind me of your big brother Brayden and they will always be a "mark" from your Daddy. Your personality is very much like your big sister Kenadi's! You are very sassy and spoiled! You still have a sweetness to you though. You know just the right moment to give out kisses! I cherish every minute with you. I think you are going to be a pretty smart little girl! You remind me a lot of Brayden in how curious you are about everything and they way you sit back and watch how something works. You figure things out pretty quickly and you actually amaze me sometimes! I love watching you play. The past few weeks, you have started entertaining yourself and you will crawl in to your room and stay in there for a while just playing on your own. I am sad for you sometimes because you have no one to play with. Everytime we are around small children, you light up and you enjoy being around them so much. I wish so badly that Brayden and Kenadi could be here with you. With us. I can't imagine how our day to day life would be with them here. You will never know how much of a blessing you are to me. I love you so much. I pray that God continues to keep His hand upon you and that you will grow up and live a long, healthy, wonderful life for Him. Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

Here are some of my fav. pics of Kaidi from the past year:

Wow, has she changed!


kücük kara balik said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Kaidi!!! You my dear are one beautiful little girl...and such a blessing :)

Hugs from Montana!


Kayla said...

Beautiful! My favorite is Kaidi in the polka dot dress with the boots!

My daughter NEVER drank more than a 4oz bottle - I always wondered why, but never figured it out.

Grandma~rella said...

Happy Birthday, sweet, beautiful Kaidi! (((HUGS))) too!! :)

Toyia Colquett said...

Very sweet post Mere!

Jodi said...

1 year! I can't believe she's one already.

I remember waiting for her arrival...which is weird, because I don't even know you!!! ha ha.

She's just beautiful through and through.

Happy Birthday Sweet Kaidi!

Jenifer's Journey said...

Happy Birthday

carley said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did. You're family is beautiful. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your life. I still haven't gotten comfortable with sharing my blog, maybe one day. I love the idea of writing letters, and what a great gift for your children. I think you should continue to do letters to B&K (maybe you still do). I believe that they'll continue to grow with you and know your heart, but what a special journal to be able to look back on.