December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

I know I am behind on posting this, but I have had a crazy week! We had a wonderful Christmas! We started at my Grandparents house on Friday at lunch, then we went to Gregg's grandmothers that night and had dinner and then went home. Woke up Christmas morning and enjoyed our time opening our presents and after we got all our's open, we went back to Gregg's grandmothers to open gifts with his family. Shortly after we were done there, we came back home because Gregg could not wait to hang his new tv on the wall. After we got that hung, we drove 45 mins to his dad's family and spent the afternoon/evening over there. Sunday morning we got up and headed to my mom's house around 10 and shared Christmas with my brother and sister and their families.  WHEW! I am exhausted all over again reading it! It actually wasn't that bad this year though. Everything seemed to go smoothly and we never really felt rushed! Here are pics from some of the Christmases:
Kaidi's Filled Stocking
Santa Claus Came!!! :)
She was one Happy little girl!
She LOVES her car that Santa brought her!
 She cried when we took her out of it!
Opening her gift from Daddy and Mommy
Her new pearl necklace!
BIG blue eyes!

Kaidi with her Aunt Angel

Kaidi with her cousins Brennon, Grayson, Ashton and Addison
Madness at my Mom's
I love this little stinker!
She likes her new Fisher Price Farm
My neice, Ashton and Kaidi

I couldn't even tell you what has went on the rest of the week! Monday night Ronnie, Ashton and the girls came over and we had deer meat that Ronnie had grilled along with some Potato Soup that I had put on the crockpot early that day. Tuesday, Gregg came home from work around lunch because he didn't feel very good and by the time I got home that night, I didn't feel too hot either. Kaidi went to bed around 7:30 and I went to bed a lil after 9 and woke up around 1 throwing up. About an hour later, Kaidi woke up crying so Gregg went to check on her and she had thrown up all over herself and her bed. So (of course that's a mama's job) I got up and stripped her bed sheets and took them to the laundry and took off for the bathroom to attempt to throw up some more but there was nothing left in me so the worlds worse, dry heaving! UGH!! I don't even wish that on my worst enemy! not that I have any, but it is AWFUL! We tried to let Kaidi sleep with us, but that is WAY out of the norm for her so i ended up bleaching her matress down and putting her a new blanket and all in it and she went right to sleep and never had anymore issues (thank God) We finally got back to bed around 4 and alarm clock goes off at 7. I could hardly pick my head off the pillow from exhaustion and Gregg was pretty punie (if that's how you spell it) looking too. We both called in sick and I have not felt that bad in YEARS! All I could do was lay around and had no appetite what so ever and Gregg and I took turns taking care (the best care we could) of Kaidi while the other one slept. That afternoon, Gregg's energy level picked up a little more and Kaidi was definitely 100% and very restless so we went and sat outside on the porch for a little just to get some outside air. Gregg baked me a potato for supper and I managed to eat that and then snacked on some popcorn later that night. Felt a little better the next day and by lunch yesterday, I finally had an appetite again! Last night we went to Dothan and took back the Google TV box I had bought Gregg for Christmas and exchanged it for an xbox 360 with the Kinnect (sp?). We both decided we would get more use out of the xbox! We also bought 3 games to go along with it and an extra remote. We got home around 10:15 last night and hooked it all up and ended up playing it until midnight! It was a lot of fun and quite hilarious too! :) Hopefully we will break it down at Gregg's birthday party tomorrow and I will try to get some pictures! :)
Tonight we have a New Years Eve Party and then tomorrow we will celebrate Gregg's 29th Birthday! And the new year! :) We will also be pulling the Alabama Roll Tide through their Bowl Game! Big day of fun tomorrow! I hope to do a post (i'll shoot for Sunday) on some of my New Year's Resolutions! Have a Happy New Year!


Beth Herring said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. May our Lord bless you richly this coming year!

Toyia Colquett said...

We had a wonderful time at Gregg's party!! I love the picture of you and Kaidi looking at each other.