November 9, 2010

World Vision

I first heard about World Vision a couple of years ago at the first Women of Faith Conference I attended. I felt the tug on my heart then as I saw the pictures of the different children in need of a sponsor and the many different stories that were told through out the weekend. I was always so back and forth on whether or not my $35 would truly help a child in need or if it would pad the pocketbook of some exec. sitting in an office. I was at the WOF the next year and there it was again, countless number of children and families in need of just a little over a dollar a day! A dollar a day? Wow, I spend that on a 20 oz soft drink or eating out for lunch. I could easily put back that much a day!! Well, time rocked on and I put it in the back of my mind again. Then I went to a concert for 33 Miles back at the beginning of summer and at the concert they passed out several packages and had a table set up there if you were interested in sponsoring a child. I struggled then with, "will Gregg be on board for this?"
Well, about a month ago, Gregg came home and brought World Vision up to me. He had heard about it on the Rick and Bubba show and heard a very inspiring story of how a man got to go and meet the family of the child he had been sponsoring over the years. It really touched Gregg and he too was now very interested in this without me even breathing a word to him of how I had a tug on my heart. Last week, Gregg and I went to the World Vision website and "picked out" a child to sponsor. We decided to get a child with the same birthday as the twins so we put May 9, 2007 in to our criteria search and scrolled through the beautiful children. A little girl by the name of Emerly caught our attention and after scrolling through a few more, we both knew that she was the one that we were suppose to sponsor. She is from Dominican Republic. As Gregg finished checking out, I walked back in to the kitchen, a few minutes later I came back to the computer room and he was flipping through little boys. He said we had to get a little boy for Brayden too. So we now are sponsoring a little boy name Kevin from Columbia who has the same birthday Brayden, Kenadi and Emerly. We should be getting our info package in the mail soon and I can't wait to send a small gift to both Kevin and Emerly with a picture of our family. If you would like to sponsor a child for just $35 a month, please visit World Vision. This is a company that you can trust is using the money for the right reason.

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Kylie and crew. said...

Wow what a super cool idea!! I love that you are sponsoring two children in honor of B and K. I love your hearts!