November 15, 2010

Weekend Craziness and Menu Monday!

So I am pretty late at posting my "Menu Monday" today. It has been a crazy Monday! Our entire weekend was crazy! Friday morning I took Kaidi to the doctor, we had come "croup" issues and she is now on breathing treatments 3 times a day a steroid and a cough and cold medicine. Friday afternoon, Gregg went hunting and shot a buck right before dark, well after we ate supper, Kaidi woke up from her afternoon nap, we decided to ride with Gregg to look for his deer. Gregg decided to take Maggie because he wants to teach her how to trail deer so he loaded her up and we headed up the road to the hunting land. Kaidi and I sat in the truck and played with all the buttons we could while he and Maggie looked for blood. With Maggie just being a puppy, she ended up leading him all over the place so he called it a night and loaded her up and we headed home. The hunting land is off the main bypass and it's not but about a 90 second drive from our house, well when we got home, Gregg realized Maggie wasn't in the back of the truck anymore so we immediately went back to the land. Just before we got to the turn, we saw her laying in the middle of the bypass. Gregg pulled over and called her to him, she wouldn't come and he realized she couldn't come. She had jumped out of the back of Gregg's truck and broke her leg. He grabbed her and got in the back of the truck with her and I drove us home. It was awful. When we got to the house, Gregg tried to get out from up under her and her foot turned in the opposite direction. We called a few of the vet offices, and finally got up with one and he told us to give her aspirin to get us through the night and then be there in the morning. Well, we took her to a different vet and they did x-rays and put her leg in a splint but told us that she would most likely need surgery. I called a vet's office and they called me back today and she is scheduled for Wednesday morning in Ozark. She is currently taking up our entire garage! LOL. We had my car in there, but when we got home from church yesterday she was in my spot so we ended up leaving both of our vehicles parked outside last night.  We had a very enjoyable visit with my brother and his family and he did a wonderful job preaching the homecoming service at Westview. I hated to see them leave but I am thankful that I will see them again next Friday! :)
 Ok, so on the menu for this week:

Monday- Potato Soup (already got it on in the crockpot)
Tuesday- Cheese Dip and Taco Braid
Thursday- Rolled Chicken Breasts with Rice and Corn on the Cob
Friday- I am having a GNO @ Olive Garden!! YUMMY! Can't wait for some salad and breadsticks!

Please join in on our Menu Monday!


Dana said...

Do you make the chese dip and taco braid homemade... Iwould the recipes?

Steven Sarah said...

I'm also interested in that and would love the recipe!

Kayla said...

Hope Maggie will be ok...did he ever find the buck?