November 1, 2010

Menu Mondays! Week 2

After a very busy weekend, I am unprepared for this week! I will have to go to the grocery store tomorrow afternoon to get most of the things for the week. Here is what I have on the schedule right now!

Monday- Grilled Chicken Tenders with Yellow Rice and Dinner Rolls
Tuesday- Chili
Wednesday- Hamburgers and French Fries
Thursday- Chicken Bacon Cheese Casserole
Friday- Unsure yet, I think Gregg has plans to go fishing that night so it will probably just be leftovers!!

I decided to keep the Link open until Friday to give more people an opportunity to add theirs! Have a great week!!


Dana M. said...

LOVE the Menu Mondays posts! I don't blog, therefore I won't be adding to it, but I love coming and getting ideas from you! Would you mind sharing the recipe for the Chicken Bacon Cheese Casserole? Sounds YUMMY!!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I was going to say the exact same thing as Dana. I too do not blog but I check yours all the time. Please share the recipe, it sounds yummy!

Prayers from Texas

Mary H. said...

I go to church with Adam and Heather. I love reading your blog. I tried you Chicken Bacon Casserole last night! It was a total Hit!
Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!
Mary H.