November 5, 2010

Celebrating Home Party

I will be hosting a Celebrating Home Party at my house in a couple of weeks for a friend of mine who just recently starting being a designer for them. I am excited about having the party and enjoying some good fellowship and great shopping! They have some BEAUTIFUL stuff! Their food mixes and dips are so tasty too! Many of this stuff would make great Christmas gifts for your family and friends! They have a great hostess program too! Please check out the website and be sure to order some great gifts for a friend, a family member or even yourself! I wish I had a big enough house to invite EVERYONE to my party. Unfortunately, I can't, but I wanted to give you all an opportunity to take part in my party!!
Here are just a few of their fabulous finds:

They have several different "scents" and sizes of candles

This is some yummy Monkey Bread Mix!! I LOVE Monkey Bread! This would be great to have Christmas Morning!!

This is a bean pot and I would have to say that it is one of my must haves! They have a beautiful variety of casserole dishes and dishes and platters that all coordinate very well together!

Please check out the website Celebrating Home When you get to the page, click Login in the top right corner under the Hostess Login you will use the following information to Log in and you can shop through the website and have it sent directly to your door!! Once you get logged-in, just click Products and then SHOP and you are ready to go!! The ordering for my party will end November 17 at Midnight!
User Name: MeredithRamer134656
Password: 134656

If you think you would be interested in hosting a party at your house and getting to enjoy all the incentives they offer for a hostess, please send me an email at If I can book 3 parties before my party I get to enjoy another incentive!! :)

Thank you all and Happy Shopping!! :)

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