October 21, 2010

"Menu Mondays" Starting Monday!

My friend, Toyia, and I decided we would start doing a weekly blog about what our menu for the week was going to be. Toyia has been doing this the past 2-3 weeks now on her blog and I told her I thought it would be fun for us to both do it and invite other people to join us. We both feel that it will give each other a lot of new ideas for meal planning and something I thought about last night is that it might inspire each of us to cook more and eat out less which will save money and calories!! :) I hope you all will join in on our weekly blog. I am setting up with a Link Tool so you can add your blog on to my blog each Monday if you participated!


Donna said...

A WHOLE menu...that's a lot of thought! My sister does this...she also does a "major cook" for the week. On one day, she cooks all the meals and freezes them in vacuum packages. Then when she works, her husband can get things out and microwave.
I say...."what a woman"! Good luck on the menu planning...I'll get new ideas! :-)

Toyia Colquett said...

I'm so excited!