October 27, 2010

Crazy Day and A LOT of Pics

I had a very crazy afternoon yesterday. I get off work at 5 and Gregg sent me a text asking if I would come help him pick out glasses at the eye doctor. While we were standing on the porch of the dr. office, I hear a bunch of sirens and all across town. Gregg is a volunteer fire fighter, but since he had been at work, he didn't have his pager. Ashton called me (Ronnie is one too) and told me that there had been a wreck and all that she could understand was "north-bound" and "eighteen wheeler". I told Gregg and he headed to the station and I headed to get Kaidi. After I got Kaidi, I decided to go the other way home which would take me through the bypass. Shortly after I left Shorty and Evelyn's house, Anthony called me and wanted to know if I was near Gregg. I told him that Gregg was at a call and I could tell in Anthony's voice that something was wrong so I asked if everything was ok and he said, "Tonya's mom has been in a wreck". I told him that I would let him know if I heard anything and clicked over to Ashton on the other line and asked her if there was anything at all she could tell me about the wreck (from the pager) she didn't know anything else. I came by where the wreck had taken place, but all that was there was the truck. I couldn't get very close because it was detoured around. I got home and fixed Kaidi a bottle and sent Gregg a text asking if everything was ok. I talked to Anthony again and he said they were almost in Opp and that Tonya's mom seemed to be ok. I left the house and was going to go on up to the hospital. Well, you know how I am about this hospital so I turned around and headed back home. Right before I got to the house, Gregg called and said he was going up there and to meet him there. I called my sister and put her on "stand-by" to get Kaidi from me just in case. Well, Gregg met me outside and we walked in the ER doors. Gregg didn't think anything about the place because he is not sentimental to places, but once the sliding glass doors closed behind me, my heart sunk and I was back to July 29, 2009 at 5:30 all over again. I could see every single detail from that day in my head, Gregg turned to say something to me and I looked at him about to cry and said, "I don't think I can be here" I think in that moment of distraction, I was able to compose myself and temporarily push it out of my thoughts. We sat in the waiting room and I called Hannah to come get Kaidi and someone came and asked Gregg to come to the back where Tonya and her mom were. About that time, Hannah got there and I stood out and talked to her a minute and then asked her for a quarter so Gregg could get a drink. I went back in and asked a lady that was there if Gregg had come back out yet and she said, "no, I am sure you can just go on back there" I knew that Tina was in the very room that my sweet Kenadi laid pale in on that July day.  I told her, "no i don't think I can, I will just wait" and a few minutes later Gregg came out. Tina was doing well, she was very confused and was asking the same question's over and over again. We decided to take Kylee home with us while they waited at the hospital. When we got to Hannah's to pick Kaidi up, they called and said they were transporting Tina to Dothan because she had a bleed on her brain. I immediately began praying.  I know that had to be so scary for Tonya and her family. The "not knowing" what that really meant or how bad or anything (PRAISE REPORT: They think Tina will be fine and that the memory loss and confusion was just from the concussion she got in the accident, she may be coming home today!). They headed on to Dothan and we got home and got settled in. Kylee was so wonderful. She never once cried or asked for her mommy or daddy. It was almost as if she knew something was up. I wondered how things would be at our house. It has been 15 months since we had a lively 2 year old to care for. It was kinda nice. It was a small glimpse in how things "might have been" had the twins still been here. Kaidi loved Kylee and followed her EVERYWHERE and did not want to go to bed either because she knew Kylee was still there. Kylee laid on B&K's Car's couch and watched a Dora DVD until finally giving up about 10:30. Gregg and I went to bed and laid there and talked about the evenings events and how we missed Brayden and Kenadi. My heart has been hurting the past few weeks over Kenadi. How much I missed her and her beautiful brown eyes. Last night, Gregg said that he has been so much happier since Kaidi started saying Dada and giving kisses to him. It had been so long since he heard Dada and Kenadi was quite the kisser and it was so good to have that feeling again. I cried. I missed my Brayden now! He was such a mama's boy and had such a mind on him. His little personality was so unique and lively! I see so much of Brayden and Kenadi both in Kaidi. It's a blessing! She is a LOT like Kenadi! A LOT! Her temperment and sassiness is Kenadi made over but she has the curiosity like Brayden. I look forward to watching Kaidi grow. She has grown so fast the last few weeks. She is getting long!! I held her the other day in my arms and could not get over how big she was! What happened to this:

They grow too fast!

I wanted to share some of Kaidi's 9 month pics.
Her eyes are captivating!

Kaidi- 9 months

Kenadi- 12 months

Outfit my Aunt Becky gave her. She looks like a little Diva! :)

She has changed so much since these pictures and they weren't but about 6-7 weeks ago! I think a lot of the change is how much her hair has grown/thickened.
Here are some pictures from the past 2 weekends:

Helping me with the dishwasher!
Kaidi and her Papa Shorty

Walking with a push toy for the first time. She walked up the driveway 3 times!

Pouty-face Pig Tails!


Josh and Lyndsay said...

Her pig-tails are so cute! I might just try Ella in some pig-tails for church tonight!! :

Jenifer's Journey said...

I thought a lot about B&K After I gave blood this morning ...I prey for you guys...and i am SO GLad yall have your baby girl she is to cute I cant not believe almost 1 i started reading your blog at the being I am so happy how thing are for yall now but I know D&K are always on yalls minds and hearts

Amanda (Trista's Mom) said...

Oh my! Love the outfit! Can you let me know where your aunt got it at??