October 14, 2010

Carillon Beach 2010

We had a WONDERFUL time at the beach! I miss it so much already!  I got off work Friday at 4 and had to run to the store and buy dog food and then come home and pack. I hadn't packed the first thing for our trip. I just knew I had everything and when Gregg got there, we loaded it all in the back of the jeep! It's amazing how much stuff Kaidi needs for a trip! LOL. We had 1 duffle bag and 2 diapers bags packed full, not counting the playpen, the baby gate and the bin of toys!!
We arrived in Panama City Beach around 7:30 and went straight to Olive Garden, Kaidi was tired of being in her carseat and Gregg and I both were hungry! Kaidi was so pleasant there.

She sat and smiled and babbled the entire time. I gave her some black olives and she LOVED them. Kenadi always loved those too. I also gave her some of my pasta and she was good to go! We had a crazy waitress who thought that she had waited on us before, even talked of how much Kaidi's hair had grown since the last time she saw us! :) It was quite interesting! We finished our meal and headed to the beach house. The community that it was in was so peaceful and I was so anxious to get to our house and get settled in. We got there and had a few issues trying to park my jeep in the driveway, after Gregg almost taking out a fence post, we decided it was best to park on the side of the street like everyone else! We got everything unloaded and decided to check the place out. It was 3 stories and the top floor was a room with 2 reclining chairs and windows all the way around. I coulndn't tell if we could see the beach yet or not because it was so late. I knew I would be spending some time up there soon enough! I went to find Kaidi's formula, and realized I had forgotten one very important thing! HOW DID I MANAGE TO FORGET THAT?? Fortunately, my friend, Toyia, had given me 2 cans of similac that she had received in the mail but I needed to call and check to make sure they weren't recalled.. So, I am on the phone with Abbot Customer Service and he needs my name, address, phone number, email, yada yada yada.. and I give him the lot # on the back of the can and he says," It looks like that can is"... CLICK, I lost service!! HOLY COW!! So i had to call again and as soon as i got a csr I explained to the guy in a very quick, hurry up and give me my information so I can feed my child kind of voice that I had just called and gave all the info and just wanted to know if my cans of formula were infected or not.. lol.. yes i used the word infected!!  He asked me for the lot numbers and great news, they were both fine! :) So, I made up Kaidi's bottle and took her upstairs and put her in the playpen to go to sleep. Well, how well do you think that worked?? lol we were in a new place that had a lot of neat things to look at and she was just not ready for bed yet.. We ended up moving her playpen to the other bedroom that was upstairs because we knew she would never go to sleep if we were in the same room as her. Kaidi's bedtime routine is very simple for us, make her a bottle, put her to bed and hand it to her, close the door and she is asleep in 5-10 mins. I was so afraid this wasn't going to be an easy night time routine, but after putting her in the other room, she did great! About 5 Saturday morning, I woke up and was a lil worried about Kaidi, mostly because she was in another room and we didn't have a monitor and she was in a playpen, but I peeked in there and she was snoozing away, bottle clutched under her arm and booty in the air, I went and laid back down and about 6:30 she started waking so i got on up and got dressed and then got her and we went upstairs to the room with all the windows. It was beautiful! I could see the water and the sun was coming up to the left of the house. I was completley speechless at God's beautiful painting! After being up there for a total of 2 minutes, wewent to the grocery store to get some things for the weekend. When we got back, Kaidi and I headed to the beach. I was kinda worried that she wasn't gonna like it (kinda like our last trip) but she enjoyed playing in the sand and was quite happy that we were there. I tried to get a few pictures of her, but it's never easy taking pic of her by myself. I moved her a little closer to the water and an older couple were coming by and saw a dead crab on the shore. I left Kaidi up on the sand and went to look and turned around and she was just a smiling for the older couple.. I told them i was gonna recruit them to help me take pictures from now on.

That's the older couple in the background of the picture! :)
After we played in the sand for about 30 minutes, I could tell she was getting sleepy and I wanted to get her home and get her bathed off before putting her down for a nap. As we were getting close to the house, I noticed that Gregg had woke up and was on the 2nd floor porch on his phone. I kept trying to get Kaidi to look up to him but she was too busy looking around on our level for him! She could hear him, but she couldn't see him.. haha..
Kaidi took a good nap that morning. We had some friends come and spend the day with us Saturday and they got there just before lunch. We took the girls out back to play in the sand for a little bit and then we took them to the beach.

I decided to put one of Kenadi's dresses on Kaidi and take some pics of her at the beach. It was much easier this time with Tonya there with me! :)

Once I moved her closer to the water, she did ok for a while and actually liked watching the water come close to her, THEN a nice little wave came and got her a little wet and she wasn't very happy and that sent us on home!

Actually worked out to good timing because the guys had just ordered pizza and it gave us just enough time to shower the sand off of us and get changed when the pizza got there. Got to love some domino's pizza!! We watched the Alabama game and was not very happy with the outcome! I put a taco soup in the crockpot that would be ready for supper time! Kaidi took a 3 hour nap that afternoon. I couldn't believe it! She slept through the entire AL game!! Later that afternoon, we all went to the beach and had a wonderful time. The sun was setting and it was beautiful!!

We took several pictures of the girls and even got some family shots in!

I really liked this one of Kylee. She is such a beautiful little girl!

Sandy hands didn't seem to bother Kaidi at all!

We tried to do some of that cool photo stuff, but we didn't quite get it exact!!

Kaidi enjoyed plowing through the sand like a tonka truck! :)

Family Shot! The Ramers! :)

The Browns!

Sweet Mommy Kisses!! :)
The next day we got up and did some shopping. I got Kaidi some winter outfits and Gregg got him a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of brown dressy/casual shoes. After shopping, we went to Applebee's and had lunch and then came home for some relaxation! We said goodbye to the Browns and after getting Kaidi down for a nap, I grabbed a book and a towel and headed to the beach to read! As I was walking to the beach, I noticed how quiet and peaceful the beach was. I loved it. Every bit of it! I sat and read for about 30 minutes. I started heading back and I decided I wanted to pick up some sea shells. So I walked a little piece down the beach and collected a handful of shells. When I got back to the house, Gregg and Kaidi were both sleeping so I washed my shells and laid them out to dry and picked up the place a little. They soon both woke up and we decided that we were gonna go out to eat that night so we all dressed and headed to Pier Park. We ate at the BackPorch. Gregg asked me if it would upset me going there because our last trip to the beach with the twins, we ate at The BackPorch, but it was the one in Destin that we had eaten at and I knew I would be ok. Anyway, we waited about 10-15 minutes and then were seated. We ordered some crab claws as an appetizer and Kaidi tore them up!!

I couldn't put them on her mat fast enough!
I also gave her some of my crab that I had and she ate so good! I love that she is eating table food now. Makes it so much easier to take her out to eat!
We got up Monday morning and packed up the Jeep and headed home. Before we left, I had to get one mroe picture of us to remember our wonderful beach trip. I set the camera up on the gate post and took a few. Gregg and I both miss it already! :) Special thanks to the family who opened their beautiful beach home to us for the weekend. It was truly a much needed place of relaxation and peace!

Carillon Beach 2010


Jodi said...

I loved seeing all these pictures! It is SO beautiful there :)

Cool picture of Greg holding the sun!

kaidi is so darn cute. she just gets cuter and cuter all the time :)

Anonymous said...

Aww such sweet pics!!!!!