August 20, 2010

Talking and Crawling

Wednesday night, it seemed like a light had turned on in Kaidi's head, her voice! She has always been such a quiet baby. Didn't babble much, hadn't said any words. I was honestly pretty worried about it. Wondering why she hadn't even tried to talk. She jabbered all night the other night. I put her in her walker and she rolled all over the house "jababajababa" It was so pleasant to hear. After leaving the doctor yesterday morning (she has a cold and an ear infection) she jabbered all the way to S&E's. I love it! Last night, when we got home, I took her to her room and we have been trying to get her to crawl. We would sit her up and then put a toy out of reach and she would perch over to her hands and scoot her way until she would fall on her tummy. Well last night she kept trying and trying and finally she got the hang of picking her knees up too. I was so excited!! I started clapping for her and it was so funny because she fell on her belly and kept trying to clap too. I love that little stinker! I have a video of it and I will try to upload it soon. Here are a few sweet pictures of her from the past week:
Last Saturday morning, we went outside and our neighbors were outside and their little boy, Banks, was riding around on his tractor and we put Kaidi in the back of it and he rode her all over the place. It was so cute. I am a lil nervous about the future with these two! Banks is one cutie pie! Maybe they will grow up Best friends!! hehe!! Gregg always loves seeing Banks out in the yard playing. He misses what fun Brayden and Banks would have had together.
I loved this picture of them!

Kaidi in her room playing. I have 2 stories about this picture. 1-the outfit Kaidi has on is one that I bought my niece, Brennon, who was born 5 days after B&K for her first birthday. Hannah was going to sell it at a yard sale that we had and I grabbed it to hold on to "just in case" :) I am glad I did. It is so cute! I found 3 pair of 12m shorts in Kenadi's clothes. I remembered how small they ran so we have been able to get some use out of them with Kaidi. 2- The quilt Kaidi is sitting on was made by a sweet friend of mine, Karen, that I met through the blogging world about 3 years ago. I was looking at halloween costumes for twins (pebbles and bam bam) and her blog popped up on google. I sent her a message and we have kept in touch ever since. Karen and her mother quilt, and Karen's mother made this quilt for Kaidi. It is so special to me and I cried when I received it. It has Jesus Loves Me scripted on the border and it also has Kaidi on one of the other corners. On the other side, it has a tag that has Kaidi's full name and a Bible verse Esther 9:22 "Their sorrow was turned in to joy and their mourning in to a day of celebration" This quilt has a very special place in my heart and I am forever grateful for Karen and the sweet gift her mother made me. 
This has become one of Kaidi's favorite things to do. She loves sitting in the kitchen and I always hand her a few measuring spoons and she is quite content. She also loves scooting over to the stove and seeing her reflection in it. 
This picture was taken at Parker's birthday party. Walt pushed her around on Parker's new "ride" and she   LOVED it. I guess we will be buying her one for her first birthday!! :)


Mary Ann said...

Such sweet pictures!!!

Heather said...

Kaidi is looking as adorable as ever!! The picture of Banks and Kaidi should be in a photo cute :)