August 26, 2010

New Start!

Well my last day of work will be tomorrow. It's really hard to believe that I won't be coming here anymore after tomorrow. I have to clean out my office and wipe all my personal pictures off of my mac and leave. When I was hired here in May of last year, it was such a God thing. I had been at home for 3 months with the twins and Gregg and I were beginning to struggle a little. We decided that I was gonna HAVE to find a job. The next day I got a call from someone who I had no clue about interested in me coming and talking with them about coming and working at his business. Talk about God at work. I went and met with him and after a second interview, I was hired. I believe it was the end of May when I started. When I was hired, he explained to me that if business ever got slow, he may have to let me go. Well, we have gotten to that point and as of tomorrow I will no longer be employed. It's tough, but I know that God has a great opportunity for me some where, I just have to rely on him to get me there and allow me to see the open door. Things are definitely going to be tough on us the next couple of weeks until I find something else. But I will have to say, nothing is tougher than burying two children so I know we will make it through. My prayer lately has been for a breath of fresh air. It seems like everything is stacked against us sometimes and I just want to breathe! I am ready for life to get great again. I am ready for a new start! As sad it is for me to leave my job, I will have to say that I think a new career will be a great move for me. Something new and different. There have been so many changes in our lives the past 18 months. SO MANY. Some good, some bad and some that seem completely unbearable. Just glad that I have a big man on my team who is always there. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Courtney said...

It's exciting to think of what is in the future for you. This is God's plan, and it will be great! Good luck!