August 18, 2010


The Ramer household has the sniffles this week. Gregg feels like he is coming down with a sinus infection, Kaidi has been coughing and sneezing the past 2 days and I have started sneezing and my head feels like it's gonna float away this afternoon. It must be something that is blooming this time of year or something. I have heard that several people are stopped up and feeling pretty crummy lately. Maybe this will pass soon. I never had trouble with allergies before I married Gregg. I have heard from many people that you take some of your spouses allergies.. I don't know if that is true or not, but I am starting to believe it!! 

Gregg has been working really hard lately to get our yards ready for the sprinkler system and to be sodded within the next week or so. He has been on the tractor weekly trying to smooth out the yard. It is very hard to keep it that way with the rain we have been having every couple of days that just washes it all away again. Once we get the sod laid, we shouldn't have as many problems. I am ready to look out my front door and see grass! :) I am so thankful for the hard worker Gregg has been with the yards. We have a lot to be proud of because of his hard work.  After he worked so hard in the yards over a week or so, and got everything smoothed out, I decided I wanted him to take 3 more pine trees out.. :) They were in the dead center of our house when looking from the road and I just didn't like that.. So he pushed all 3 of them over and cut them up and moved them out of the yard in about a day and a half. He is getting a lot of use out of the chainsaw he got for Father's Day! 
Gregg and I heading to our date night! :)
We have really been enjoying each other's company the last week.  We went out to dinner as a family Friday night at an italian restaurant  in Defuniak Springs. We had a great date night Saturday night with dinner and a movie and then last night we started a fire in our back yard to burn some trees and brush and it was enjoyable sitting out there with him. After we got eat up by mosquito's, we came inside and curled up on the couch and watched a movie I had rented. Since Kaidi wasn't feeling too well, she went to bed fairly early so we were able to spend some alone time together. She did wake up around 11 and Gregg ended up staying up with her until 1:30 this morning. I will be taking her to the doctor in the morning because Gregg just called me and said when he got down there to pick her up she was worse than what she was last night. It's tough when  you have a sick child! You want to make them feel better so bad! You want immediate relief for them. I was so happy that we have been over the 3 1/2 month croup that we got in April and was sure hoping we wouldn't see it again! Hopefully we can get this taken care of pretty quick! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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