July 9, 2010

Ramer Twins Memorial Blood Drive

This post is to inform you that the American Red Cross will be having a blood drive at the Superior Bank in Opp on July 30, 2010 from 12:30-5:30. If you are unable to come and donate at this blood drive, you can go HERE then click on make a donation appointment and find a donation site near you and specify that you want to donate to the Ramer Twins Memorial Blood Drive and they will notate that in the system so it will be added to this particular blood drive.  Gregg and I appreciate all of you who are so willing to donate in Brayden and Kenadi's honor. You will help save a life!  If you would like to make an appointment for the Opp Drive, you can leave me a comment here with a time that's good for you, or you can leave me your email address and i will send you a time. Thank you so much. I cannot say it enough. 


Groves said...

When I see your beautiful twins, I just think about how your heart must long for them every day and night.

I am so glad your faith is in the Lord and that you will see them again (FOREVER!) - and I am so, so, so sorry that you are having to endure the unimaginable suffering of losing them in this life.

Thinking of you very often. We have never met in person, but you have made an unforgettable impact. Your faith shines and it matters - and it has cost you more than anyone can guess.


Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your new template!!! :)

I live in Canada, so no blood to give Via AirMail lol, however, next time I give blood, I will make sure to say an extra prayer and dedicate it to the Ramer Twins :)

Thinking of you often, and always in my prayers,


Acutescrubnurse said...

You don't know me, but I have come across your blog through Kellys Corner. I just finished reading your story on your precious children...my heart breaks for you!! I cannot even begin to imagine what you have gone through in the last year.....your faith is incredible, you are a strong woman, with a broken heart, yet you keep your faith.
Please know that I think about you often, and praying for you too!!