July 13, 2010

ISR Lessons

Miss Kaidi started ISR Lessons yesterday and was a wonderful student! She didn't cry at all! I was so glad! Today was a different story! She cried the entire time! I walked away from her so she wouldn't see me because that seemed to make her cry a little more and when she finished, the instructor said that she did really well even though she was crying. She said that one time she did it with out her holding her. I am going to try to capture a small video sometime next week after she has been doing it for a week. It has been a little tough getting over to Enterprise early in the morning and getting back and then to Andalusia for work. Yesterday was a whirlwind! Once I got in to town, I took Kaidi to see Dr. Bang because she had quite a bit of wheezing over the weekend (just when i thought the medicine was helping) he sent us to mizell for a chest xray and i did really well. I didn't fall apart and I kept my focus on Kaidi and not the familiar smell of the hospital or even the doors that led to the room where I saw Kenadi lifeless on the table.   Kaidi had a little bit of bronchitis so I took her back to Dr. Bang late yesterday afternoon for a steroid shot and refilled her prescription for her congestion medicine. Her upper airway is soft so it is causing the rattly sound in her chest and all. Her white blood count was good so really nothing to be concerned with. I feel like this is going to be a constant issue with her for the next year or so until her airway matures. Dr. Bang said that it would get better as she got older.
 Gregg has recently joined the fire department and last night he had his physical agility test. He came extremely close to having a heat stroke! He was wore out from the heat and the things he had to do. He laid in the shower for a long time to cool off. He didn't have much of an appetite either. I felt sorry for him! Tonight I am going out with some friends for dinner to celebrate Ashton's birthday! Her birthday is Thursday which is also my 4th Anniversary! It seems like we have been married a lot longer.. which we have been through a lot the last 4 years too! :) We aren't doing anything special this year. We usually go away for the weekend. This weekend is Gregg's 10 year reunion so we will be busy with that instead. Maybe we can find time and money a little later in the year to do something special! I told him next year for our 5th we could go on a cruise or something! :)


Heather Adcock said...

Just blame her behavior on that wonderful steroid shot! :) I do hope she is feeling better.

Meredith Ramer said...

Thats what excuse I used! :) She is a little better. Still pretty wheezy! But I am hoping maybe this evening she will be better when I pick her up! Her sunburn looks HORRIBLE though! I am so embarrassed!

Melissa said...

My son had tracheaomalacia, which is a soft trachea. He was diagnosed because of his constant "happy wheeze" and persistent bronchitis through a bronchoscopy. It was hard for him to always be sick, but it has gotten better as he's grown. The doctor said he will be succeptible until he grows all the way out of it. He is almost 6 and the last year we have still had a few colds/infections, but it has not turned into bronchitis. So it will get better!!

Jenifer's Journey said...

You know my parents and I watched the news this morning were they showed ISR Lesson and other class to help kids not drown...I asked my mom what they did and my dad said when I was 4 I just jumped in to the water so they got me a life jacket they did the same for my little sister but she wasnt like me ..I think of K&B when I here kids Drown I prey for you and Gregg every night...I know when I have kids they will have IRS Lessons...sorry I just thought I tell ya how I learned to swim