June 14, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That

We started off the weekend with a yard sale! I got rid of everything and made around $500! We can now get the area rug we have been wanting for our living room! :) After we cleaned up from the yardsale, we went and ate some lunch and then went swimming for about an hour ( I will post those pics later). After that, Ashton and I (along with the baby girls) went to Elba for me to return a dress. That didn't work out to well and I also couldn't find one that I really wanted for Kaidi so we came on back home. Woke up and went to church Sunday morning and the church had a baby dedication and Kaidi and Caroline were the two babies that participated. 
We went and grabbed some lunch after church and then Anthony and Tonya and Ronnie and Ashton came to our house and we left for the beach around 2. We had a wonderful trip. All the girls rode in Tonya's tahoe and all the guys rode in my jeep. The babies and little girls slept on the way down there so it was actually pretty quiet and we were able to have some good "girl talk". 
Kaidi HATED the beach! She did ok most of the little while we were there, but she was much happier when we got her cleaned up and in the cool air. Caroline also hated the beach. Ronnie took her and washed her up about an hour before we even left and put her in her carseat next to Kaidi. 
Gregg and Kaidi, out in the water
Tonya, Ashton and Me!
Kaidi in the sand!
Caroline in her sand free carseat and Kaidi passed out with a bottle in her mouth!

This was Kaidi this morning before we left the house. She LOVES her little baby doll and I had to get a picture of her holding it. She just finished giving it a big squeeze! :)

I am so excited about a Summer Block Party that is taking place Thursday night. It is going to have 5 bands and a guest speaker and I am thrilled about the groups that are in it. Well, this morning I won tickets to the event and now there is definitely no stopping me! :) It has been a LONG time since I won anything off the radio. It was funny because I had to be caller #9 and I was caller #1 and #5 before I was #9! It also is putting me in a drawing to win front row seats.  I love SEVERAL of songs by 33miles and I am only familiar with a few songs by Pocket Full of Rocks, Among the Thirsty and Aaron Shust. Anyway. I am looking forward to that and can't wait to go and come back and share with everyone.


The Fountains said...

I love Kaidi's bathing suit!! Baby girls are so precious in two pieces because it is the one time in life they won't care about their bellies which just makes it even cuter! :)

Meg said...

I love Kaidi's suit--so cute! So cute!

DeAnne DuBose said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Have fun at the block party!