June 1, 2010

Kaidi is 6 Months!

Happy 1/2 Birthday to my sweet Kaidi girl! She was so good at the doctor today. She whined when they gave her the 3 shots, but as soon as I picked her up, she looked at the nurse and smiled. It was so crazy. Those needles were like 2 inches long! She weighed 16.4 and was 25 inches long. They were rather busy this morning so we had a little wait in the patient room and she played for a little while and then I ended up getting her to sleep about 5-10 mins before Dr. Bang came in the room. Everything looked great and he gave me some singulair samples to try for a month to see if that helps with all this mess she just can't seem to get over. I pray that it does. Here are a few pics I took of her this morning in her 4,5,6 month outfit. Time to find a new one for the next 3 months! :) I also took a few pics of her at the doctor's office.

She loves any type of baby food. 
She wears 3-6 month clothes.
She wears a size 2 diaper.
She is rolling back and forth ALL the time now.
She loves to sit in her high chair and play with her toys.
She recognizes her daddy and mommy real well now and wants us if we walk in to a room.
She is getting better with not crying when people she is not familiar with talk to her.
She has also started crying when we walk out of her sight (reckon she is spoiled?)
She LOVES to be outside. 
She is sleeping all through the night.
She eats 4 ounces at a time. Usually has 6-7 bottles a day.
She is eating baby food 3 times a day.
She is VERY curious about EVERYTHING.
She is getting better and better with sitting up on her own.
She is beautiful and happy and I love her so very much! :)


Jodi said...

I can't believe how she has grown! What a sweet little girl.

Oh, and I like the word 'reckon' ...a good old fashioned word that doesn't get enough use ;)

Heather said...

Happy six month birthday Kaidi. Look how you've grown!!

Vanessa said...

Happy 6 months! :)