June 16, 2010

ISR and Blood Drive

I have completed Kaidi's registration for ISR. We will begin classes on July 12 at 8:30 in the morning for 3 weeks. I am a little anxious about this. This is so important for Kaidi to learn, but how am I going to react. We have been swimming with her and she loves to play in the bathtub. She has the same love for the water that Brayden and Kenadi had. It delights my soul but it also terrifies me. Did I make the water too fun and not instill enough fear and caution in them about it? I feel that I did. I was always VERY adamant about their safety around water. I also allowed them to experience the fun that I always had in the water. I have always loved swimming. For as long as I can remember I have loved it. When I was in elementary school, we lived 2 blocks from the city pool and I spent every day there if it wasn't closed. As I got older, I started to develop a passion for lifeguarding and can remember throwing weights in the bottom of my aunts pool and "rescuing" them as if I would a swimmer. When I got old enough, I became a lifeguard for our city parks and rec. and lifeguarded for 3-4 years at a local pool. I have jumped in and saved a few struggling swimmers in my time as a lifeguard. Thankfully, never had to perform CPR on any of them. I always had a fear that I would run off in to a body of water on my car and not be able to get my kids out. No lie. I always told Gregg of that fear. "What would I do?, There was 2 babies in my backseat, how would I get them both out to safety" I always feared that. Gregg bought me some kind of tool for my car that is on my keychain that in case of an incident like that, i could cut my seatbelt, and bust the window.  Something that I am going to have to face with these lessons is that the last 2 days of these lessons fall on the day of the accident and Kenadi's death and the day of Brayden's death.  2 days that I have come to cringe at the thought of as they near. The 29th is the last day that I will be able to look back and say "this time last year we did this with the twins" The horrific reminder approaches far too quick for me. Some people can't believe it's been a year, seems to them like it was yesterday and yeah, i can recollect the events of that week like it was yesterday, but it feels like forever since i held my babies. Since I heard Momma from their mouths.
The American Red Cross is going to be holding a blood drive in memory of Brayden and Kenadi on the 30th of July. I am going to ask all who can and will to please go and support this blood drive by donating blood. I will give more details as the date gets closer. Just mark it on your calendar!
 Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Unknown said...

you are doing a great thing with these lessons for Kaidi. It will be hard to face it on those days. They are going to be hard what ever you do. Kia kaha! (be strong!)thinking and praying here down under!

Meg said...

Kudos to you for the previous post, that is fantastic. Way to be motivated to get back into shape.

I taught the swim lessons that you are enrolling Kaidi in. They really are fantastic. I also taught for a women who was in the same position as you (lost her first daughter at 2 y.o. to a drowning), we started teaching her other daughter when she turned 8 months. The first day mom brought her she then went to the car and cried the entire lesson. After that she busied herself during lessons--she would run around the facility, she would be working on her laptop, anything to distract her. My thoughts are with you guys and I can't imagine being at lessons on the anniversary of their death--you'll be strong, you always seem to be.

~Meg @ "Through the Roses"

sweetpumkinpye said...

You are so brave, you are doing a great thing for Kaidi. Our thoughts will be with you for the very hard days ahead.

Char said...

You didn't do anything wrong sweetheart. You did everything right. It was just a horrible accident.
I promise that I will remember to pray for you a little extra in the coming month.

Jenifer's Journey said...

I wish I could be there to give blood but I live in Oklahoma...I am so happy you getting Kaidi into swimming classes my heart breaks for you and Gregg and your mom know this day is coming ...I wish the day never had to that they were there for you hug and kiss but that is in God's hands not mine...
I love ya girl