June 28, 2010

Game Night With Friends

Saturday night we had a "game night" and invited over 2 other couples and ordered some pizza and just had some great fellowship. Here are a few pics from the evening. 

Selection of Games
Gregg getting tickled about something
Sweet Miss Kylee! She was so good!
Secret was my word!
Missile toe was Anthony's word
Hannah drawing her cards
Anthony and Tonya, Some long time great friends of ours. 
I could probably pull some old pics out of the 4 of us! 
Jeremy's word was sling-shot. Gregg and Anthony kept guessing bow and arrow, cupid, archery.. all sorts of things.. it was pretty funny!

My friend, Toyia, had her baby on Saturday, so after church Ashton and I rode over to visit her and meet Miss Sophie. When I got home, this was my sweet baby girl in her bed. I could just sit and stare at her for hours! :) She is such a great blessing from God!


Jenifer's Journey said...

Looks like ya'll did have a blast lol...and She look so cute sleeping

Toyia Colquett said...

The games looked like fun :) Sweet Kaidi looked so peaceful in that picture :)

Heather said...

Sleeping beauty :) Are you okay? I've missed your faithful posts

Marianne said...

What a great picture of her sleeping! She is beautiful!