June 21, 2010

Father's Day

We had a great weekend together! I stayed up late Friday night cleaning Kaidi's closet and making room for her 6-9 month clothes. :( It's hard to believe she is almost 7 month's old! After I finished that, I made a pillowcase dress for her. I made one back in March, and wasn't really proud of how it turned out, but I love this one.

Saturday morning, I got up and went and purchased Gregg's Father's Day present. He thought I was going to check on the stove at the old house, which I did, but I had ulterior motives. :) I got back and had some company visit for a little while. Once they left, Gregg was going to lunch and I was "heading to Dothan to get his gift".. so he thought! :) I ended up going to his grandmother's house to kill time for 2 hours and while I was there I made Kaidi's hand/foot print frame for him. I also filled an album up with 100 pictures of him and the twins and him and Kaidi. I wanted to show him how wonderful of a Daddy he was. What's funny is, I figured when I gave him the gift from me (the photo frame and photo album) that he would be disappointed and then I would be able to give him the chainsaw and he would be excited. Boy was I wrong! After I "got back in to town from Dothan" I got home and we had received a packet from ISR that contained Kaidi's ISR swim diaper and T-shirt. It also had a video and booklet on what to expect at the ISR lessons. We watched that and then we rode down to Jay's and went swimming. We were only in the pool about 10-15 mins when the thunder started getting closer so we decided to pack up and head home. We got home and a big storm came through. We unplugged everything at the house and Kaidi took a nap so Gregg and I just sat on the couch together and talked. I told him how much I missed the twins and I try so hard to imagine what our life would be like if they were here right now.. How things with Kaidi would be.. He asked me if I thought he was a good dad and if he spent enough time with them. I reassured him that he was a wonderful dad. And reminded him of how much he played with them and was involved with them. I thought it was the appropriate time to give him the photo album so I went and got it. It was nice thumbing through the album and seeing all the memories on those 4x6 cards. All we had left from the twins were those photos. It breaks my heart. I told Gregg how lately seeing pictures of Kenadi really hurts. I guess I see a resemblance in Kaidi of Brayden, but I miss those dark brown eyes of Kenadi's. Kaidi has a very similar temper that Kenadi had. She has started fighting going to sleep. I use to joke when I would try to get Kenadi to sleep that she had 3 more fits left and then she would give it up... I was pretty exact on calling that, well Kaidi does the same thing.. She will sit up and fight.. and then give in eventually after a few battles. Gregg absolutely loved his album. He said it was the best present I could have ever given (i was thinking, GReAT i can take the chainsaw back..hehe) and how nothing could top that. well I told him that I had one more thing in the bag and he said nothing could be better than that.. I gave it to him and he unwrapped it from the tissue paper. It was the frame with Kaidi's hand and foot print on it. I loved that gift. I kinda gave it to him selfishly! :) I wanted a clay mold of Kaidi's hand and foot at 6 months and it seemed to be the perfect gift! I want to do a clay ornament on her birthday every year so we can watch her grow through her handprints. I cannot tell you how special a hand print or a mold is when your kids are not with you anymore. I have many times traced my fingers through the foot cast we have from the funeral home. We have a cut out of their hands from church. I love to place it on my hand and imagine theirs in mine again. If you don't have a cast or print of your childs hand, do it right now! They grow so fast and before you know it they will be grown, or gone.  Here are some pics from Father's Day.  The first pic is the gifts to Gregg from Kaidi. 
Gregg was very proud of his chainsaw. I don't have any pictures from when I gave him the album. It was a private time for us to share and didn't think a flashing camera would be appropriate. 

Kaidi's card and hand/foot cast.This is the card and album that I gave him. 

After he finished with his gifts, we packed up and decided at 7 that night that we were going to go to his mom's house and spend the night with them. We stopped at Sonic on the way there and enjoyed a quick bite. We got to their house (we were trying to surprise them) and they weren't there so we drove over to his granddad's pond and found most of the family there. They were fishing for catfish. I was able to reel one in. I think it was the biggest one! :) Below is a pic of the one I reeled in on a nail. I stood beside it to get my picture made, but I mistakenly let a 6 year old take the pic and it only had half of me in it. 
This is the first one caught that night. It was pretty big too!
After fishing, we went back to Gregg's mom and dads and enjoyed some Mexican Train Dominoes. We stayed up until 2 or so playing that. It's a fun game that we learned memorial weekend and have played it a few times since. We came home shortly after lunch on Sunday. We had some more visitors late Sun. afternoon. I cooked some Chicken Alfredo (Ashton's Recipe) and we baked some chicken wings in the oven. We were so full off the alfredo that we ended up saving the wings for about an hour later. We then watched State of Play. A very good movie with Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams. Kaidi had such a rough night last night. I swear I was up every hour with her. She just didn't sleep well. I hope that she get's back on schedule tonight! I am ready for a night of The Bachelorette tonight. Gregg has started playing basketball again lately so I have been able to have the TV to myself! Hope you have a wonderful night!


Toyia Colquett said...

Karter didn't sleep either?!?!? Maybe they both will tonight.

Jenifer's Journey said...

Those are awesome gifts and the foot and hand print is so cute

Mary Ann said...


Would you mind telling where you got the photo frame / hand & foot molding? That is so neat.

Amanda Mathis said...

I was going to ask the same thing Mary Ann Miller...where did you get the photo frame and mold kit from? I love the idea and I am going to take your advise and do one for my baby. You also mentioned doing an ornament every year of her hand, do you know where to get something like that? Thanks again for sharing your life with us. I love your blog!!!!

Meredith Ramer said...

I got the hand print kit at walmart for $15. I have seen the ornament stuff online and at michael's/hobby lobby type stores.

Char said...

Cute little pillowcase dress.
What are you using for guides when cutting the armholes? I made one for one of my granddaughters and the armholes were too small.
Nene in Arkansas