June 16, 2010

Couch to 5k

I started this a couple of weeks ago and am proud of myself for the commitment I have kept so far. I am on my second week. The first week I did a 5 minute walk and then jogged for 90 seconds then walked for 60 seconds and I did the jog 90/walk 60 for 20 minutes. I have went twice this week so far and I actually got up at 6:15 in the morning and did my "jog". I have been so proud of myself that I have woke up early and set myself out to accomplish this every other morning! The second week consists of walk 5 then jog 90/walk 120 for 20 minutes. It has been pretty tough on me considering I am so far out of shape, but the saying "No Pain, No Gain" says it best! I am already preparing myself for next week! Jog 90/walk 90, jog 3min/walk 3min and I will do that twice per workout!


Niki said...

Good job on your committment to your new fitness goal. I'm an avid runner myself and its such a great way to clear your head and get out any stress/anxious energy you have...plus,you are doing a little something healthy for yourself which is awesome. Thats great you've been getting up so early to get it done...I'm not a morning person so I admire you on that...good luck with it!!

Unknown said...

Good on you meredith. A year and a halfago I couldn't run fro longer than a few secs and two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon. In 2hrs 35mins. It has been an amazing journey And I'm so pleased I started. I love running now! and i'm planning a marathon next year. You can so do this. I also found running a great time for me to think and pray. May your excercie time be precious to you a time just for you!

Gina said...

Hey lets do a 5k marathon and after that we could do a triathlon.... i really want to do both!!! You interested in doing one or both???

Char said...

Good for you Meredith!
I started working out with a personal trainer in January and am still at it. Somedays the only reason I show up to work out is because I paid for my trainer in advance. ;-)
Glad that you are starting young - I celebrated #57 in May - or as I like to call it fifty-heaven (that sounds so much better). It's never too late!.