June 18, 2010

Concert Pics

We had a GREAT time last night! All of the bands were wonderful! Among the Thirsty busted out some "Pant's on the Ground" and that was pretty crazy! :) We got about 4 rows from the stage so we were pretty close. I also felt pretty old because we were surrounded by youth. I also realized that I am not as young as I once was!! haha!! We arrived at the church around 5:30. And were taken to a room where some of the band members from Among the Thirsty and 33 Miles and Aaron Shust came and met us. It was kinda awkward.. I guess I have never participated in a "meet and greet" we had a few pictures made with them.. This is the only one I got on my camera. Abby and Ashton got some on their cameras too. Here we are below with The lead singer, drummer and bass player for Among the Thirsty, two singers from 33 miles and Aaron Shust.  
Abby and Ashton at the concert. Don't you love Ashton's "hook em horns"? LOL We ended up finding a new "sign" we started holding both hands up with 3 fingers on each hand (33 miles) :)
Among the Thirsty after some head banging. They did a great job!
Lead Singer for Pocket Full of Rocks. I got to hear a few new songs by them. I am so glad they sang "Come as  You Are" It was beautiful!
This is the best picture I got of 33 miles. :( It is pretty difficult to take a picture in a dark room with all the movements and lights on stage! Anyone know what type of setting I can put my camera on??
I LOVE 33 Miles. I knew all the songs they played and sang right along with them. I am actually playing them right now. They kinda have a county/pop type style which is right up my alley! 
We ended up leaving the concert at intermission (which was 1hr 15 mins late) so we left at 9:15! We had an hour and a half drive home and like I said earlier, we aren't as young as we once were! :) We stopped and grabbed some Chick-fil-A when we got out. It was SOOOO good!! I LOVE their chicken! AND I tried their lemonade for the first time last night and it was very good!  Anyway.. we had an overall GREAT night! It was good getting some time with friends! I got home and my sweet baby was sleeping so beautifully in her bed. I gave her a sweet kiss and wanted so badly to pick her up and hold her! I hadn't seen her since 8 yesterday morning! Believe me, she got BIG squeezies this morning!! :) I climbed in bed and was exhausted!! LOL! I woke Gregg up when I came in and we ended up talking about our day.  I always love those late night conversations with him. I am so thankful for the wonderful husband he is and the wonderful relationship we have. He is my best friend and I love him so much. AWWW..haha..anyway.. have a good weekend!! 

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Jenifer's Journey said...

I am so glad you had fun...and your right awww to you and Gregg ...