May 8, 2010

Trip to Dothan

We went to Dothan last weekend and stopped by Home Depot and picked up some blinds for our two front double windows that are in are dining room and our office. I don't know if you remember the trouble we had with buying blinds right after we moved in. It took 3 unsuccessful trips to Wal-Mart and then we finally went to Lowe's and bought the right kind. Why on Earth would we have thought that our first set of blinds this shopping "go round" was going to be right? :) We had to go back because they were half an inch too long. The lady at Home Depot was trying to tell Gregg she needed to cut them 70 3/4" and he told her they needed to be 70 1/4". With all of that being said, we took off for Dothan tonight as soon as I got in from work. Our friend, Stephen, rode with us and we enjoyed a trip to Olive Garden while we were there.

Kaidi used her comfy cover for the very first time tonight. My baby girl is growing up.

She did so good during supper. She did get a little fussy at one point, but I fed her some bananas and she was happy as could be. She has been such a sick little princess the past few days. I had to take her BACK to Dr. Bang yesterday afternoon because she wouldn't stop crying for anything. The steroid shot along with the breathing treatment gave her one very painful tummy ache. He gave me some high dose gas drops and she was out in 5 minutes. I gave her some more that evening around 7:30 and she went to sleep at 7:45 and slept all the way until I woke her up at 7:45 the next morning. She definitely needed the rest. We had had such a restless night the night before. Anyway, back to the blinds. We go to Home Depot, ask them to cut the other 1/2" off and head on home. We got home a little after 10 and enjoyed talking with Stephen for a bit. After he left, Gregg decided to tackle the blinds. He got the first set up and realized that the guy at home depot didn't cut the valence piece so he had to take it out in the garage and cut it himself. Now we have blinds in all the windows that need them... well with the exception of the 3 upstairs windows that are pretty tricky to get to. Here are some pics of Gregg working so hard to get these blinds up! It's 2am right now and he is putting the ones up in my laundry room as I type. Got to love this man! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Our weekend is going to be tough, but we will make it through. Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mother's out there. We have the best job in the world! :)


Frapper said...

I hope that your Mother's Day is a gentle one, falling as it does on the birthday of your sweet twins. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Jodi said...

I'll be thinking about you this weekend Meredith....

praying for peace on your heart.

Enjoy your wonderful husband and sweet baby girl...and may the joyful times you had with your children be soothing to your soul, as you look forward to being with them again.


Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day Meredith. I have been thinking about you and pray that tomorrow you have a good day. Hug on that sweet little one for all of us out here in cyberspace. =)

Em said...

Do blinds have to be a certain length at the bottom? I just let mine gather at the bottom and sit on the window ledge. Maybe that's wrong...

The blinds look lovely. Glad Kaidi is feeling better.

Thinking of you today...

Jodi said...


Thinking of you today and the wonderful celebration you must be having in Heaven.

Praying for you too, Mom and Dad, wishing you were all together.

May peace fill your hearts today.


Marianne said...

Happy Mother's Day! I know there are two little angels blowing kisses your way today as they celebrate their birthday with their Father.

BTW, your blinds are beautiful, I love the style.