May 5, 2010

My Baby Girl is Sick :(

I got up this morning around 12:30 with Kaidi and she sounded AWFUL. She was wheezing and coughing. I took her in to the living room and gave her a bottle and she would start coughing followed by a painful cry and then would settle back down again. I felt so bad for her. I called as soon as Dr. Bang's office opened and they told me to come on in. I took her and Dr. Bang checked her out and said she had the croup. Sweet nurse Heather gave her a steroid shot and Dr. Bang gave me a prescription for stuff to give her a breathing treatment twice a day for the next week. They did weigh her while we were there and she weighed 15lbs 13oz. A growing little girl! :) I did notice the other night when I was holding her while she slept, that she is growing so fast. She use to fit in the crook of my arm like a football and now she sprawls all the way across my lap. I love that sweet little princess. She is such a blessing.


Stacy said...

Get better soon lil angel =-)

Hillary said...

Aw, poor dear. I hope she gets better soon. :)

Linda said...

Not sure if I have ever commented here before, but I read you blog regularly. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your husband today and saying a prayer for you both. I know today will be a very hard day for many reasons. Your blog is an inspiration.