May 25, 2010

Cricut Creations

I have enjoyed my cricut machine that I got for Mother's Day! Last night my neighbor, Katie, came over and we played with a new cartridge that she got in the mail yesterday. We made this cute Zebra. I absolutely LOVE it!! It is just too cute! I have already got Kaidi's First Birthday planned and I may have to change it just a little bit to add this little cutie in! We also made a fish, a crab and a seahorse. I don't have a picture of the fish and crab but they were precious! After Katie left, we walked down to our other neighbors house and went swimming for the first time this year! The water was nice and Kaidi enjoyed being in the big pool. She started getting a little fussy so we put her in the wagon with her bottle and she went right to sleep.
We headed home around 9:30 and about the time we walked in the door, my linc went off and it was Katie telling me that she just discovered that The cricut machine would cut fabric. This opened up an ENTIRE new course for us!! So she came back over to the house and we made a little birdie! It was a little difficult and i ended up sticking it on some scrap material. After Katie left, I decided to try a cupcake and it turned out so cute. I put it on one of Kaidi's onsie. Now I have to get my sewing machine to work so I can stitch it down. I am so excited about all the little things I can do with it now. Just got to get a few more cartridges so we can be in business!! You are a little limited when you only have one cartridge!

Here are a few of the other items I have done with my Cricut


Ashley said...

Oh, I want a cricut machine SO bad!!!
If you dont mind me asking, can you tell me what kind you have? And, what cartridge you use to make the zebra? I'm doing my Kaidence's 1ST BDAY in hotpink &, that would go just perfect! :)
My email address is
If you would please let me know-THANKS!!!

Unknown said... I really want one!!! I have been drooling over the Wishblade and thought it to be the better option of the two. Did you look at that one? Anything the Cricut won't do that you want it to? (

I didn't know they would cut fabric!!!!! It has now moved to the TOP of my wishlist! =)

Journey of the George's said...

YOu are already cutting vinyl? I have had my cricut for over a year and I"m still scared of my vinyl!!! I scrapbook and do a ton of things for that but haven't done anything else. I will have to get busy!!! Your projects are cute! Can't wait to try the fabric!

Vanessa said...

Oh how cool! I have heard of these things call cricuts (but I am very craft challanged) but had never really known about what they did. This seems so cool! Love the cupcake onesie! Are you planning on making them to sell or something?

Toyia Colquett said...

Oh I love it!! It's just as cute as you said!!! I'll tell you tomorrow how much some places charge for things to be done like that.