May 9, 2010

Birthday Blues

Today is a day of remembrance and mourning. It is suppose to be a day of celebration and maybe one day in the future it will be but this year it is too painful. Too painful to look on this day and be happy because our twins are not here to blow out 3 candles on their cake. To tear in to presents from all of their family and friends, to chase balloons and bubbles and remind every adult there how wonderful the laughter of a child is and the innocence it portrays. It's gone for me today.

I wanted to do a post in remembrance of my sweet babies. A post that reflects back on the first 2 years of their lives on their birthday. They had 2 wonderful birthdays. Both were water party's and we had various water items. Last year, we had a small pool for them to enjoy because they always loved the water so much. The year before, we had little baby pools and boy was it hot that day. Kenadi was not feeling very well that day and ended up having her first, and thankfully her only, febrial seizure.

B&K were so happy and pleasant. I can't imagine what today would be like if they were here. I would guess that they would be helping Gregg make "gits and eggs" for a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast.. :) And I would be waking them up singing "Happy Birthday"

How sad I feel today. How bittersweet today is. It it their birthday and I miss them dearly, but I wonder if it just happened to fall on Mother's Day this year as a reminder to me that I have a wonderful daughter. My sweet December blessing. And inspite of my heartache and pain, she is here and I am her Mother and she needs my care for her and she loves me.

Below are some pics of Brayden and Kenadi from the first 2 wonderful years of their lives.


Brayden Greggory

6lbs 6oz

Kenadi Reese
5lbs 110z




Happy Birthday my sweet babies in Heaven, Brayden and Kenadi. I love and miss you so much.


katbess said...

I have been praying for ya'll all week I know it has been a hard day.I can't even imagine. Just want you to know the we love ya'll and will be there if ya'll need anything....Mark, Kathy, Marci and T.J. Bess

caycee said...

Happy Birthday to those two beautiful angels! Happy Mothers day!

A Mother's Love said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you today. And those two sweet angels.
Love, Kelley

Jenifer's Journey said...

Your in my thoughts and preys...
Happy 3rd Birthday B&K

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet first babes!
My thoughts and prayers are with you guys today, especially.

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday B & K!! Praying that you had a Wonderful Mother's day!

Unknown said...

Thnking and praying meredith

Courtney said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Those pictures are just precious.

Mary Ann said...

I've thought of you and wondered how the day went for you and your husband. I pray that God will continue to help you each and every day. You simply amaze me and I know that it helps many people the way you have shared your experience with us. God bless you.

Jodi said...

Oh Meredith.
I came on here today to get your chicken recipe for dinner and ended up clicking on their picture and re-read the day the Lord brought them home.
It made me feel sick all over again. I just can't imagine what you have had to go through...
There are no words.

Praying for you.


Em said...

I was thinking of you yesterday.

Michelle McArdle said...

Hi Meredith,
You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog though another friends for a while now.
I just wanted to let you know that I thought about you and your precious family Sunday.
My husband had a sister who passed away when she was 7 years old. She shared a birthday with Brayden and Kenadi. My mother in law reminded us about her Sunday and that she would have been 37 years old yesterday. It made me think of you and pray for you. She has had 30 birthday's and Mother's Day's since her daughter passed away and I still saw pain of that in her eyes. I can't imagine how difficult this first one was for you. I pray that God will give you comfort and that with each passing year you will be able to honor their memory. You have a beautiful family and I just wanted to say thanks for being so open about all you have been through. I'm encouraged by your words, your love for your family, and your faith. May God pour out His blessings on you continually.