May 19, 2010

Baby Party Surprise

My dear friend, Toyia, is expecting a baby girl, Sophie, the end of June. I invited her over for what she thought was just a "girls night" with a few of our friends. We had all the food ready and waiting and put all her gifts on the hearth and waited for her and Amanda to arrive. When they pulled up, all the girls who "weren't known to be there" hid behind the bar and when she walked in the side door they all jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE!"

We had a wonderful dinner with Rolled Chicken Breasts,
green beans wrapped in bacon, white rice, rolls, broccoli salad,
cake balls, strawberry petite fours and a fruit tray.

We were up pretty late the night before doing the polka-dots and stripes and stuff on it. We had painted the rocking on Sunday afternoon and then I gave it another coat right when I came in from work Monday and then Ashton came over that evening and we finished it up around 11:30 that night. Well actually I had to finish it just before the party. I added the Sophie at the top and the C on the bottom part of it around 5:45! We wanted to get Sophie something personalized that was just for her! And even more we wanted to make it ourselves to make it special! We hope that their are many rocking days ahead in this little chair!
Here is a group pic of everyone that was there:

After most of the girls left, Gregg and Kaidi came back up to the house and she desperately needed a bath so he started her water and as he was getting her diaper off, she had a little surprise for him! :) 
She absolutely LOVES taking a bath! 


Paces' Paces said...

Love the pic of Kaidi in the tub. How precious!

The Fountains said...

I love the rocking chair! Wish we lived closer, and I would SO pay you to paint one to match Emma's room!