April 12, 2010

Weekend Journey

This weekend seemed to have flown by. Friday night, Ronnie and Ashton came over and we grilled and were going to watch New Moon, but when we all sat down in the living room and put the dvd in, it was only the special features dvd. we ended up just chit chatting. Those are some of the best times anyway. R&A are great. They have been the best friends for Gregg and I both that we could have ever prayed for. They have been right by our side for the past 8 1/2 months without a complaint and we are so grateful for them. I could honestly say I don't know how we would have made it through some of this without them. That I remember, I have never cried with Ashton, but she is there and I know it. I am so thankful for them for just spending time with us. Sometimes dropping what they had going on just to keep us company. So Ronnie and Ashton, Thank you Thank you Thank you! You two are Heaven sent and we are forever grateful! Back to the weekend. Saturday morning, I got up fairly early and started on cleaning the house a little. I cooked breakfast and woke up Gregg and about that time, Miss Kaidi woke up too. She sat in her high chair and smiled and giggled while we ate breakfast. I looked at Gregg and said, "I wish we could spend every day like this". After breakfast, Gregg and I got dressed and rode in to town to get a few things and went by a furniture shop where people take old antique furniture and redo it. We didn't find anything we really liked so we came home. Then Gregg went and worked outside while I did some more things inside. Kaidi was getting a little restless, so we went outside and sat on a haybale and watched Gregg work. We probably sat out there for 45 mins or so. Then came in and I fed her a bottle and we watched a little tv. Gregg came in to take a break and got her to sleep and I fell asleep on the couch and took a much needed nap. While we slept, Gregg changed the oil on my car and finished up the dirt work outside. I woke up and started on supper. They had steaks on sale at one of our local grocery stores, and boy do I love a steak! I tried something new on the steak and it turned out Fabulous!! :) I covered it in salt, paprika, pepper and minced onion.. then about 15 mins before he grilled them I covered them in Dales. They were great! Scott and Gina stopped by and visited us for a lil bit and when they left, we went to bed. Had a great Sunday morning church service. Brother Wayne talked about conviction and repentance. He spoke from the 51st Psalm. One of my favorite songs comes out of that verse, "Create in my a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me" It took me back to some wonderful summers I spent with my cousin, Emily, at a Church of Christ Camp every year. Church of Christ sings with no instruments and when in a large group, the harmonization is beautiful! Sunday after church, we went and ate at Churches with Ronnie and Ashton. Had a discussion about the price difference in white meat and dark meat... After lunch, Gregg and Kaidi took a nap and I went to our old house to get some of Brayden and Kenadi's things. I packed all their dresser clothes in to a box, packed up most of their toys and brought a lot of their stuff to our new house. It was nice being alone and being able to go through their stuff. It was hard. After opening the first drawer of Brayden's dresser, I cried, grabbed up his space ship pj's and just hugged them. Wishing my little boy was in them. I finally quit trying to fold stuff up neatly in the box and just threw it in there. Got to Kenadi's top drawer, on top lay her yellow polka dotted bikini that I bought for her while we were at the beach last summer, Her gowns that were mine when I was little that she wore to sleep in so many nights. I miss my brown eyed girl so much. I finally just threw her stuff in too. Boxed up their toys, grabbed their bean bags, their table and chair set and put it all in the Jeep. I still have to get their cribs and 2 boxes that i couldn't pick up. While I was there, I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer. There were so many things in both that had been in there since B&K passed. I finally parted with them. I left some boxes of easy mac, graham crackers and teddy grahams. As I grabbed them to throw them a way too, I noticed they all had expired back in Oct. or Nov. It was hard throwing them away because I bought them on that last shopping trip I had with B&K. It's so hard. When I got back to the house and unloaded everything, Gregg and I went to Andalusia. I told Gregg about how everything in that house had a story to me. I have always had such a picture memory. Even a small cup of Ice cream, I remembered that it was Kenadi's that we had bought it at Larry's BBQ at a family reunion. I can see why people can become Hoarders. :) I would never get to that point, but everything has a story. After we got back from Andalusia, our friends, Anthony and Tonya came by for a visit and to see the house. They stayed for a while and we really enjoyed catching up with them and seeing their daughter Kylee who just turned 2 this past week. Such a pretty girl. I wish I would have taken a picture of her holding Kaidi, who seemed to be as big as her, feeding her a bottle. She was so sweet with her. Before they left, Ronnie and Ashton came over and SC and Kylee ran ALL through the house. Anthony and Tonya left and Gregg and Ronnie took the meat and grilled it while Ashton and I chit chatted over some strawberries and cooked Rice and Corn and some rolls. We sat down for supper and had steaks and after supper the guys watched a little bit of Ax Men. Then R&A left and Kaidi and I fell asleep on the couch. Gregg woke us up and I put her to bed and then went to bed myself. I love busy weekends like this past weekend. We had a great time of fellowship with friends and family. Oh, I forgot to add that Saturday morning, we picked up a cd of Kaidi's 3 month pics. Here are some of my favs:


Frapper said...

Your little Kaidi is just adorable! I don't think I could choose a favorite picture of her if I had to as they're all just great. I'm glad you're getting settled into your new home, but it is difficult to try and pack up all the memories from your other house. It's very hard when so many little things trigger our memory of loved ones, and especially so when they are of your children. You are both a remarkable couple, and I admire the strong faith you both display. I truly enjoy reading your blog.

Char said...

Adorable pictures! Love that sweet little face.
And now a steak question - what is Dales?

Stephanie said...

That picture of Kaidi in the tutu is so sweet!!

Toyia Colquett said...

The 4th one up of Kaidi bug is my favorite :)!! Oh and I guess every man around this small town watches AX Men?? Jonathan and Kyle were talking about it tonight :)! Anyway... I am glad you had a good weekend.... it is so wonderful to have such good friends :)! It's truly a blessing!! hold on to them!

Jodi said...

Awe, those are nice pictures, she is such a cutie!

I'm just like you when it comes to everything having a story. The memory runs deep, and it is good at times, but can also make things much harder, as I'm sure you know.