April 6, 2010

Move In, Blinds, Easter and Sick

I guess my title should be the tags for this post. I was off friday for Good Friday so I got started on the move. Thursday night we went and put all of Kaidi's furniture in her room together. Got started Friday morning around 8. I took Kaidi to Shorty's around 9 and got back and picked up a biscuit for me and ashton, picked her and Caroline up and then we headed to my new house to start on some cleaning. We started cleaning windows and then Gregg's mom, dad and sister got there and me and his parents went and loaded up our big furniture while Ashton and Angel finished up the windows. After we got back and unloaded all the furniture, we went and ate lunch. We pretty much had it all moved in when Gregg got off of work and home at 5:30. Lucky Dog! So Gregg, Kaidi, Gina, Scott and myself took a trip to Andalusia to eat and go to wal-mart to get some blinds for our bedroom windows. We got back and grabbed a small load from our old house and got home around 11:30. Gregg got out the blinds and realized we bought the wrong size. Went to bed that night in our new house. I felt horrible. I was coming down with a sinus infection. I didn't sleep too well because every little noise woke me up. I was worried about our old house, someone breaking in and messing up B&K's stuff, I was worried about Kaidi being on the other end of the house, I was worried about someone breaking in to our new house.. i was just worried about everything.. Finally I got to sleep. Kaidi LOVES her crib. She will stay in it even after she wakes up. I hung a mirror and crib toy on the rail beside her and she rolls to her side and laughs at herself. Saturday afternoon, Ashton and I went to wal-mart to exchange the blinds. Got home and cooked Tacos. One of Gregg's friends, Stephen, was there when we got home so we asked him to stay and eat as well. Ronnie and Ashton left after supper so they could go dye easter eggs and Gregg got started on the blinds for the second time... gets the brackets completely set and realizes they are the wrong size AGAIN... so he leaves the house at midnight and goes BACK to wal-mart to get the right size...hehehe.... well.. he gets back and at 2 in the morning i had to run across town to our old house to get all the screwdrivers i could find in his tool box... we get the blinds in there, perfect fit... until....hehehehe...he lets them down and they are about 8 inches too short....SOOOO he takes them down and we decide we are just gonna go to lowes in the morning... i called to make sure they would be open and their automated machine confirmed it.. after about 4 hours of sleep, we got up and headed to Enterprise to get some blinds. While we were there, we got blinds for all the bedrooms, the pantry and the garage. We aren't too worried about the office and the dining room right now. We also picked up some towel bars, toilet roll bars and soap dispensers for the bathrooms. We got home from Enterprise and I headed to the grocery store with Kaidi, when I got back, Gregg's grandparents were there so we visited with them a little bit. Since we didn't make it to church Sunday morning, I took Kaidi and put Kenadi's dress on her anyway and took some pics of her with her Easter Basket full of goodies... The Easter Bunny brought Kaidi a book about God, some baby food, some toy keys and a pretty little dress for this summer. When I sat her down beside her basket, she immediately went for the keys. She grabbed them and put them straight to her mouth. :) I fed Kaidi some bananas Saturday morning, and she LOVED them. Ate an entire thing of them. I sent some pears this morning with her to Shortys. I am curious how she will like them. For Easter, we didn't do much, Gregg's aunt grilled hamburgers late that evening so we went over there to eat, hunted eggs and came home. I was so sick by Sunday night. I was coughing and sneezing and just felt like my head was gonna pop. Kaidi fell asleep on the way home from his aunts so we put her straight to bed. She woke up at 2:45, I gave her a bottle and she didn't go back to sleep... When I got her out of her crib to change her diaper and put something more comfy on her, she kept staring at this night light my aunt gave her for Christmas. She was in awe of it. :) I laid her down on her play mat beside the night light and she played there for almost 2 hours. I curled a blanket under my head and just laid on the floor with her and tried to nap a little here and there. She tired out, and I put her in her bed with a paci and she grabbed the back of her head (i think she is going to be a hair twirler like her brother) and went straight to sleep. I was so proud of her. I know she likes her bed! :) I came on to bed and woke up with a near migraine from all this congestion and sinus stuff. I stayed home yesterday from work. I rested and made a dr. apt for that afternoon. He prescribed me a few different medicines so hopefully I will start feeling better pretty soon. This morning I felt a little better waking up, but I am coughing like crazy today so my throat and chest are sore. Gotta love some Pollen!! :) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I hope to get our computer to our new house today and eventually we will get the internet moved to over there so I can upload some pics. Kaidi is growing so fast! :)


Heather said...

Congrats on getting into your new hosue. I feel your pain on the pollen. I have been coughing for 3 weeks. UGH!!!

Jodi said...

hope you are feeling better Meredith! Enjoy your new home :)

Sherri Burgess said...

I'm so glad you are doing well. Kaidi is so sweet. What a blessing to your family. I saw where you had posted a comment on my blog. Thanks! I loved being able to read about your loss and see your picture. I love how happy you look. It's amazing that God can carry us through such great loss and still give us joy. It's unbelievable to me. I know it is to you as well. Betty Bussey made me laugh that first week I think, and I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe I laughed, but I did. It's really strange how we can go on, but with the peace of God and the assurance of a bright tomorrow, we can! God bless, sweet sister! And keep smiling! You are beautiful, and God delights in you!