April 1, 2010

Kaidi is 4 Months

I took Kaidi to see Dr. Bang today. She is 4 months old. She weighed 14 lbs, was short for her age and had a big head for her age. :) I can't remember the exact measurements. :) She did wonderful at the doctor's office..until Nurse Heather gave her her shots :( It just breaks my heart when they give shots. She cried for a minute or two. I got her in her seat and gave her a bottle while I made her 6 month apt. and I was gonna stop by and let Gregg see her before I took her to Shorty's but he was real busy and she had fallen asleep so we just went on to Shorty's. She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes, I have started putting some 3-6 on her and they are pretty loose, but I think I will go ahead and move her in to the next size. She is wearing size 2 diapers. She still only drinks 3-4 oz every 4 hours. I have given her a little bit of baby food, bananas and apples. She liked the bananas, wasn't too crazy about the apples so we will see how that goes! She still sleeps well through the night. We have had a few rough nights this week because she ran fever Monday night, and Gregg stayed home with her Tuesday. But overall, she is a wonderful baby! She will lay and play on her play mat for an hour or more, she has started giggling at Elmo. Gregg called me Tuesday and asked if it was ok if he got B&K's elmo doll out of their room for her to look at. Last night, we put her furniture together in her new room. :) Once we got the crib together, we laid her in it and she just rolled from side to side and coo'd and was so pleasant. I hung a crib mirror in there for her to look at and she found her feet in the mirror. She kept trying to grab them. It was so funny. When we got to our current house, I undressed her and had her laying in my lap and I took one of her feet and put it to her mouth and she just giggled. She thought that was the funniest thing! Oh, she is precious! We are moving in to our new house on perfect timing, she is about an inch from the head and toe of her bassinett so we will definitely be ready to give it back to Toyia so she can get it all settled in her room for her baby girl, Sophie, who will be here the end of June or early July. I am off tomorrow so I will be packing and moving ALL day long! :) Gregg has to work, but as soon as he gets off, I will be putting him to lifting! :) Anyway.. I took some pics last night of Kaidi's room so I will try to get them on here tonight. I am attending a Zumba class tonight. I am excited about it. Do any of you participate or have participated in Zumba? What should I expect?? Do I need to bring a defribulator with me?? :) I don't even know if that is what that thing is called or if that is how it is spelled.. haha.. Have a Happy Easter! :) God Bless


Wendy said...

I do Zumba. I just started at the beginning of March. Be prepared to be sweaty. And if you can't do a particular move, just fake it and move however you want!

Oh be prepared to shake you chest and your hips....lol

Bethany said...

Zumba is so fun! It's a great workout and you'll definitely get your heartrate up, but no need to bring the defibrillator! ha! Make sure to tell us how you end up liking it!!

Laura said...

I love Zumba and I am going tonight too! I live in AZ !!!
It is a lot of fun movements and loud music!!!

Have fun!

Pray for you and your family daily!


Naomi said...

I have just found your blog and I must say your story brought tears to my eyes. I have boy/girl twins born in May 2007. Your story made me hug them closer, kiss them more and thank God everyday for all my babies.....

Courtney said...

I just got caught up with your blog and I LOVE your idea of a 3 on 3 basketball tournament to raise money!! I know that would be a huge fundraiser here in my town. I do a basketball camp every summer myself to raise money for the school I work at and it does well too! A lot of people love basketball!
I hope you are doing well and I know you guys are excited to be moving in your new house soon!! And I hope you got a good taste of Nashville while yall were here! :)