April 21, 2010

I thought I would do a post just to add a few pics of Kaidi and Gregg's Truck. Gregg is very proud of his truck. It was nice being able to take it fishing the other night and then we also took it Monday night out to eat. It had been raining and since I washed my car Sunday, I didn't want to be going up and down the dirt road on it. So here is a pic of Gregg's truck from this morning.
My handsome hubby in his business casual! :)
We have started Kaidi on baby food, I have come to learn that she doesn't like ANYTHING that starts with the letter P. She loves Bananas, Carrots, Chicken and green beans, BUT hates Peas, Peaches, Pears, Prunes, and sweet Potatoes. Guess I will give them another try in a few days to see if she likes them after trying them again. Here are some pics from her eating last night. I had a busy night last night. I got home, started on oven fried chicken, while it was baking, I fed Kaidi and she sat in her chair for a min while I started on some rice pilaf and while it was simmering I gave her a bath. After supper I changed clothes and went to Zumba. I really enjoy it. It's a lot of fun and definitely a good work out. I paced myself last night and realized that there was nothing too strenuous about it that would cause problems with my pregnancy. When I called my ob to clear it with him, he said it was fine, for now. Guess it wouldn't be too smart to be "getting low" to Apple Bottom Jeans when I am 8 1/2 months pregnant!!??!! :) Anyway, here is Kaidi
This picture below is after giving her a spoonful of peas. She is eating chicken with it.
Here is Kaidi in her super cool sunglasses. She is so funny in them, because it's as if she actually enjoys wearing them.. She wore them for a LONG time the other day. In the picture she looks like a little diva! :) Got the pouty lips going on and everything! :)


Anonymous said...

she looks so much like brayden!

Ashley said...

In the first picture of Kaidi, she looks SO much like Brayden! :)
I think she is just beautiful and God knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he made her be the PERFECT combo of both the twins!!!

Courtney said...

So cute! Congratulations on expecting another baby!! Hope you are feeling good.

Jodi said...

Oh my! That first picture is a Brayden look-a-like :)


Unknown said...

Mer, I am SO confused lol
Ok, so I am guessing you're pregnant, cause your post said you cleared things with your OB...however, you wrote 8 1/2 MONTHS pregnant..yet Kaidi is 4 months old lol
So I'm gonna assume you're 8 1/2 WEEKS pregnant and I'm gonna shout out HOLY CONGRATUFREAKINGLATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!