March 10, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

Kaidi is absolutely precious! She is just so sweet. Last night, Gregg had her most the evening b/c my friend Ashton and I did a workout video at her house while the guys and our kids were at my house. She stayed up for the entire evening which is very unlike her and she was happy. Gregg said she laid under her playmat and played and she was happy in her swing and he held her and she was happy with him too. When I got home and got out of the shower, she was wide awake sitting in her bouncey seat. I attached a mirror to the activity bar because my child loves to look at herself and smile. I have a mirror in my backseat, but I just put it in front of her carseat because she loves to look at herself. It's cute. Anyway, she was happy as could be there and I was able to capture a video of her playing and if you notice, she will get a glimpse of herself in the mirror and smile and then she even chuckles at herself one time. She was so pleasant in her seat last night. I went and hung up some clothes and when I came back in to the living room with her and Gregg, she had fallen asleep in her bouncey. Just precious! :) I picked her up and tucked her in her basinett where she slept until about 5:30 this morning. When I got her out of her basinett at 7:30, she was all smiles and just so pleasant as I changed her diaper and clothes. She just brightens our every morning. :) Here is the video:

you can probably just stop it about 20 seconds in to the video, Gregg was on the computer at the time and he starts playing some AWFUL deep voice video that is so annoying on this clip. You can hear me clear my throat trying to get his attention to turn it off!! haha


Unknown said...

She is beautiful!

Amy said...

Just want to affirm that it's not just because you are her mom. She is truly one of the most beautiful babies I've seen! Thanks for sharing.