March 5, 2010

My Typical Day as a Working Mom

This is the topic for the "Show Us Your Life" tour
Around 5-6, Kaidi is up taking a bottle and I should just stay up from there, but our bed is so comfortable, I can't help but crawl back in it and go to sleep.
I generally wake up between 7 and 7:30
Jump in the shower, jump out.
Get dressed, blow dry my hair
Get Kaidi out of her bed and change her diaper and her clothes
Lay her on her playmat while I fix her bag for the day and scarf down some sort of not very nutritional breakfast.
Load her in the car.
Kiss my hubby bye.
Head 10 minutes to Gregg's grandparents house to drop Kaidi off where I always get her out of her carrier and give her a big kiss before I leave.
Then drive 15 minutes to work. I have to be at work at 8:30
I get off at 5 and head to pick up my sweet little girl.
It's usually around 5:30 and I swing by my current house, pick up Gregg and the camera and we go to our new house where I walk around and marvel at my new house. :) I just am so excited!!
Then we head home and I (or Gregg sometimes) starts on supper. We sit down and eat. After we eat, we play with Kaidi for a long time, watch our shows or lately I have been packing up some things.
Then (every other night) one of us bathes Kaidi.
Whoever didn't cook, washes the dishes (just a way of dividing the nightly duties)
I usually try to put a load of clothes on and fold/hang up whatever is in the dryer. Sometimes laundry is an every other night thing too.. Can't wait to have my laundry room at my new house. Right now my washing machine is in the kitchen next to the stove and my dryer is on the back porch where I typically get harassed by our pitt bull while I am getting clothes in and out of the dryer!
We have a lot of shows that come on at 9 so around that time we are on the couch watching tv and I am usually giving Kaidi a bottle. We get in bed a lil after 10 some nights and some nights its after 11.

I remember evenings with the twins were JAM PACKED! I rarely sat down long enough to eat.
How is your day?? Do you LONG for the weekends like I do??

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