March 5, 2010

Grand Ole Opry

So Gregg has to go to a conference for the Rotary club in a few weeks that is in Nashville, TN. Usually he goes on his own on these lil conferences/workshops, but since this one is pretty far away and he is staying longer than he usually does for trips, he wants me and Kaidi to go with him. I am a little excited about the trip because we won't be but an hour from my brother and his family's house and I will be able to spend some time with them that Saturday while Gregg is at his meeting. It has been a long time since the last time I was in Nashville. I think... 7 years ago maybe?? We competed in a WCA competition there my senior year of high school. We stayed at the Grand Ole Opry resort and it was the week after Christmas. The resort was SO beautiful. It was still decorated in all Christmas lights and such. I didn't get to explore much of Nashville because of competition, but I do remember going to the Rainforest Cafe. That was an experience. I know there are a few famous places there to eat like Wild Horse Saloon, Rainforest Cafe, I think there is a Dixie Stampede there... anyway... anyone got any Nashville "Things To Do" ideas for us?? What was your most eventful part of Nashville?? During the days that I am cooped up in the hotel room, I am planning on working on all these wonderful craft projects.. wonder if we could stop at a Hobby Lobby on the way up?? :)


Courtney said...

Nashville is where I live (well Hendersonville, just north of it) so I can definitely tell you some things to do: Opry Mills Mall (Bass Pro Shop-where my husband LOVES and reading your blog I'm sure yours does too)Pancake Pantry is an awesome breakfast place, Spaghetti Factory is good restaurant on 2nd Avenue. Grand Ole Opry is great and their shows are on Fridays and Saturdays.
Those are some of my favorite places and where we take friends that come from out of town.
If your bored and need some company just let us know :)

Liz said...

I have enjoyed following your blog. We are friends with Jan Burgess and have been praying for you - thank you for your transparency. We love Franklin, TN which is a little south of Nashville on 65. A great little town with fun shops and restaurants. Definitely a fun place to be. Hope you enjoy the trip.

Stephanie said...

My husband and I loved going to a show at the Grand Ole Opry. It was a fun experience!

Candice Lynn said...

I live in Nashville as well. You should def check out Broadway. It is nice to just walk around downtown during the day. You can see the sights of downtown. There are also lots of places to eat downtown.