March 9, 2010

Breaking Out the Brother

My sewing machine has been collecting dust for the last year or more. I finally broke it out and looked up the manual on the internet and fixed the problem I had caused over a year ago. I have NO clue what I am doing, but I can sew an awesome pillowcase! :) I hope to find some scrap material so that I can practice on some cute lil a-line dresses for Miss Kaidi. I hope that in the near future, we can purchase an embroidery machine and I will be in business! :) Well, I guess I would like to add a Cricut to that list too! :) Then I will really be in business! I LOVE to make things. I always have! I like to re-do things and create new things. I just never have the time or the money to do these things. I am looking forward to the time off while I am in Nashville because there are so many projects that I am planning on doing while we are there. Kaidi's Easter basket, finish up her hairbow holder and finish up the letters for her nursery. I may take my sewing machine with me up there and work on my first a-line dress! :) I actually started on one for Kenadi and never finished it. Hope to finish one this time! I have been looking at dresses to get "ideas" and people charge a fortune for these simple little dresses. I am not willing to pay $50 or more for a monogrammed a-line dress! Just will NOT do it! :) So mine may be a lil crooked in the hem, may not be even in the collar and it may not be lined on the inside, but it will be handmade with love by her mommy! :) And I am quite sure that Kaidi is not gonna care if it's a dress made of gold or a dress made of sack cloth, she will still give me that sweet smile and I will still take a dozen pictures of her in it! :) Beanie Weenies! (that is a total inside joke from middle school between me and an old friend.. Have no clue why I decided to type it..hehe)(btw, it was what we use to say instead of saying "anyways") I know this post is completely random and all over the place, but I wanted to post about something and easter baskets and dresses were on my mind! :)


KK said...

Beanie Weanies! I'm totally going to start saying that :) My mom gave me her old sewing machine and after she got a new one. It sat in the case for 10 years and she took it back! She said I didn't deserve it after not using it for so long! Hehe, I'm not at all crafty, so she's totally right :)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see what you make! You sound just like me! When my oldest was a baby, I took a class to learn how to make an a-line and came home and set up an assembly line and made 4 or 5. Way easy, that way! She even wore them last summer as tops with shorts (she's 5) and now we'll pass them down to her baby sister (6 months). Man did I get my money's worth or what?

I have found some great tutorials for sale on Etsy for when she gets a little older.

If only we lived closer to each other we could get together and sew! Ha! Oh, yeah...AND if we actually knew each other! =) That would probably help!

Man this was a book!

Misty said...

if you can sew a pillow case, you can sew a pillow case dress!!

Can't wait to see what you make.

Julie Bagamary said...

good for you for starting to sew again!

The Pike Family said...

I wish I knew how to sew:( one day maybe I'll learn:)! Anyway I have to say that you can find some super duper cute dresses on etsy for a very reasonable price, I also like that it's other mamas using their talents kinda fun! Hey ya never know maybe you'll get so good you'll be making mass production ha! Good luck cant wait to see what u make:)