February 25, 2010

Lights. Lights. More Lights

It is getting to the point with our new house where they will be installing all of our fixutres. We went shopping last weekend and filled the Jeep up with lights. Thank God Gregg's aunt was in Montgomery and was able to put Kaidi in her car because we had NO room for her at all. Bad thing was, we still weren't finished. So we loaded up again last night and drove to Enterprise to buy the rest of our lights at Lowe's. It took us a good hour and a half to pick out the remaining lights and we get up to the cashier and she complains about the fact that we come to her with all this 7 minutes before they close. This REALLY aggravated me. I am quite sure that you would not hear Lowe's complaining when they were going to be getting that much money from us. And all her complaining was for nothing, we were done scanning everything in 3 minutes and were gone, thanks to our "teamwork". I still have 4 more lights to get today. I am so glad to have this part over with. They will be putting all our lights in tomorrow and Friday. Monday they are installing our cabinets (in the kitchen I am having a black island w/ light granite top and the back cabinets are the antique white with black top) (OOOH by the way, here are my granite selections:
This one is going on top of my island and step-up bar over black cabinets
This one is going on my back cabinets that will be beside my range and my refrigerator! This cabinets will be antique white!
So after the cabinets get installed on Monday, the granite will be put on Tuesday and my marble will also be installed Tuesday and Wednesday. I am going to have a marble shower, marble vanity tops and the tub deck around my master tub is going to be marble. I am REAL nervous about the color I picked out because that is a LOT of marble in one room.. here is the color i picked for that:

This one below is the one going in Kaidi's bathroom and the Hall bathroom.
I went and checked out the colors on the walls yesterday, and was a little overwhelmed with the green I picked to go in the Dining Room, I hope that it softens up some once the floors get in there and the crown molding. Kaidi's room and bathroom were just beautiful! Her bedroom is a light pink and her bathroom is a darker pink. It's gonna be so pretty with her dark furniture in there. I cannot wait. Anyway, hope to get some pics of Kaidi's room this weekend!
Have a good weekend!

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