February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I didn't know that I would have another chance to blog until Monday, so I figured I would go ahead and take care of the "Valentine's Blog"! :)

My Valentine #1
This is the earliest picture I have of Gregg and I. It was taken in March of 2000.
This picture reminds me of the 2 weeks we spent in Greece in September of 2005. That is Where Gregg proposed to me! :)
This is one of our engagement pictures taken in early 2006.
This is from our wedding in July of 2006.

This was taken as we were coming down the sky ride in Gatlinburg in February 2008.

This was taken in September of 2009 at an Alabama football game.
This was the night before Kaidi was born.

This was taken while we were in the mountains over Christmas.

I love my husband so much. He is my best friend. We have a great relationship in which we enjoy doing things together that we both like. I like to go hunting with him and he likes to get in the kitchen and cook with me. We have been through a very tough year this year. The odds are against us with losing not one but two children, building a house, living off of one income for half a year and having a baby. Those are some of the toughest things to go through in a marriage and we have managed to pull through this year still in love with each other like never before. He is a great father. He always took up some time with Brayden and Kenadi to play with them in their room, read them a story take them outside and let them help him wash his truck. He loves them so much. In the evenings, when I get home with Kaidi, he is taking her from me and getting her out of her seat and talking to her and loving on her. He makes me smile when I see him with our children. Through this devastation we have experienced, I have seen a side of Gregg I would have NEVER in a million years asked for, but with no choice of the cards dealt to us, I have come to love him in a way like never before. A way that I cannot explain because the words I would use would do it no justice. I hurt for him the same way he hurts for me because we share this grief, we share these memories, this life. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I love him more everyday.

My Valentine #2

My Sweet Brayden. He had the brightest smile.
He LOVED life and made it so much fun.
He was a Mama's Boy! :)
He had the prettiest blue eyes.
I miss him so much. I can only imagine sitting with them this weekend with some paper, markers, glitter and glue and letting them make a pretty little valentine. As much as I would have wanted for him to tell me it was for me, it would have probably been for his "sissy" because he loved her so much and cared for her so much.

This was taken last year on Valentine's Day. We went to a banquet at church that night. I got them dressed and put a pretty necklace on Kenadi and Brayden wanted to wear his "Tain" as he called it.

My Valentine #3

My loving little Kenadi
My little Mini Me!
She always gave me the best hugs in the morning.
Always gave her Daddy the best kisses in the morning.
She was my care free little girl.
I miss holding her in my arms at night and brushing my fingers through her beautiful, soft, brown hair. She was beautiful when she slept. Always had the prettiest look on her face as if she was dreaming of pure happiness. She was such a mess and loved to get attention. She was compassionate in her own little way, especially when it came to her "DD". If he cried she would put her hand on his shoulder and say "you k dd?" and would kiss his boo-boos. I can only imagine that she would be eating the glitter and glue if we made valentine's this weekend, she couldn't keep stuff out of her mouth. Oh how I miss her.

My Valentine #4

My sweet little blessing, Kaidi.
She is so special to me.
Her Smile Brightens my day!!

My little sweetheart!
This child is so precious. I have found her a sweet, soft little bear that I am going to go and get her today along with a valentine's book. She is such a good baby with a good life ahead of her, I just know it. God brought her to the Earth, not only to be a tool of healing for her Daddy and me, but also to stand-out in a crowd. She is loved by so many and because of the tragedy we are living with, she will be a better person. It will mold her into a woman of patience , compassion and understanding. She will know just how precious life is and cherish each memory she makes.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Enjoy your spouse and your children. Happy Early Valentine's Day! God Bless!