January 27, 2010


My title may seem odd, but you will get it in a min! :) Mine and Gregg's "BFF's" Ronnie and Ashton welcomed their second daughter in to the world on Monday afternoon at 2:03. Amy Caroline Sansom! Caroline weighed 7lbs. 4 0z. and was 20" long. She very much resembles her big sister Sara Catherine except for her hair is darker than what Sara Catherine's was when she was born. Gregg and I went and visited them Monday night. Ashton has not been able to hold Caroline because Caroline is having to stay under an oxygen "bubble". Ashton had a c-section and all of the fluids didn't clear Caroline's lungs like they are suppose to so please pray for Caroline and Ronnie and Ashton. They aren't too worried because it is common in c-section babies, but it is Wednesday, and she still hasn't held this baby she has been waiting to hold for 9 months! Here is a picture of sweet Caroline right after she was born.

So the reason that I titled this Freon is because that is Gregg's nickname for Caroline. Her initiasls are AC and he joked with Ashton that he was going to call her Freon! Anyway. Please be in prayer for our friends and their sweet new blessing. Also her oldest child is sick with a stomach bug so be in prayer for her as well! Thanks and have a wonderful Wednesday!


caycee said...

Aww That baby is beautiful I will pray that mommy gets to hold her soon!

Niki said...

What a sweet little girl...I will keep them in my prayers. The stomach bug is going around Richmond, VA pretty bad, so I will keep them in my prayers that no one else in the family gets it either and that their little girl gets better quickly.

Bethany said...

the baby girl is too beautiful for words...will definitely be thinking about her and lifting her in prayer!!

Kristin said...

Awww...sweet baby!

I will pray she has a speedy recovery and all will be well soon.