January 28, 2010

Freon, Gift, House OH MY

I will start out with un update on Caroline. Ashton called me last night around 8 last night and had her sweet baby in her arms, finally! I talked to her just a bit ago and she said Caroline was doing great and hopefully after the Pediatrician seeing her this evening, will get discharged!! :) Isn't that just fantastic! I am so happy for her and Ronnie!
Gregg called me this morning as he was gettnig the mail and said that I had a package. I told him he could open it and it was from one of my blog followers Courtney. It was an adorable high chair/grocery cart cover and a cute little lime green bib with "Kaidi" monogrammed in pink. I just love them both! Thank you so much Courtney!
I ate lunch at Gregg's grandparents house and just loved on my Kaidi so much. She was so pleasant and sweet. She just smiled at me and I even got a little chuckle out of her. I also discovered that she loves creamy mashed potatoes. :) I know, she is only 8 weeks old, but they were so good I just KNEW she would like them. I stuck my finger in the potatoes and put it to her mouth and she went to town on my finger and had the biggest grin on her face. Don't judge me, I am sure my mom gave me table food too soon as well and I am just fine! She has been doing so good at night! Monday night she slept almost 8 hours YES 8 HOURS! and then Tuesday night she slept right at 7. Last night she slept 7 again! I am enjoying this non disturbed sleep so much! Don't know how long it will last, but I am loving it while it is what it is!
So about my house, It is painted and has a roof on it! :) I will get a picture of it up this weekend. I loaned my camera out to a good friend and plus it is nearly dark when I get home every evening. I am so excited! We should get the brick layed around it next week! That will really make it look good! :) Anyway! Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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Marva said...

Hi Meredith! My name is Marva and I have 3 year old twin boys. I am not sure if i have ever commented or not. I think I have thought about it so much that I think I actually have but can't remember. I'll blame that on "mommy brain"!

Anyhow I have been reading for a long time and lifting you and Greg up in prayer. I found your blog through BAMOM.org (the Birmingham area of multiples club).

We live an hour grom Birmingham and also an hour from Huntsville to give you an idea of where we are.

I am so excited for your friend! That is great that she got to hold her baby, finally! I am happy that your house is also coming right along. There is nothing wrong with letting your sweet baby have a taste of whatever you want. You as her Mommy knows exactly what she needs or not.

Hope you have a good day and lifting you and Greg up in prayer!