December 30, 2009

What a Beautiful White Christmas in the Mountains

The best present under the tree!! :)

Day 1
We arrived in North Carolina around 2:00 and saw snow everywhere. It was great to see! We just prayed it would stick around for a few more days so we could have a white Christmas! Here are a few pics from day 1 in the mountains.

This was our cabin.
This was the snowman that Angel and I made the day we got there.
A bench we saw as we were heading to our cabin.
The view we had coming in. The day we left, the snow still looked like that at this property. :)
Logs covered in snow. :) I liked this picture.
We didn't do much the first day. We sent the guys to wal-mart to get some groceries, the ladies stayed at the cabin and unpacked everything. When the guys returned, we made some chili for that night and relaxed in front of the fireplace with a hot bowl of chili.
Day 2
Thursday morning, the guys went in to town to pick and get our Christmas Tree. They brought it back and we all loaded up and headed to Asheville. This was the day that we went and toured the Biltmore Estate. It was all I could have imagined and more. It was just unbelievable to me. We also got to see it with snow all over the place which is exciting because I am sure that not many people can say that they have seen the Biltmore with snow! :) When we left there, we found a "hole in the wall" mexican restaurant that was very good. We headed back to the cabin with another stop by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things that we forgot. When we got back to the cabin, we popped 8 bags of popcorn and started stringing it for our tree. That was different, but fun. It was nice to do things like people use to do. We also got a few boxes of candy canes and tinsel to add to the tree. After each one of us strung about 5-6 feet of popcorn, we decorated the tree. Gregg added the star on top and wala, a good old-fashioned Christmas Tree. Later that night, we played Battle of the Sexes. It was pretty fun, don't know if I will play it again individually. We should have definitely played in teams. It took forever! Here are some pics from day 2

Gregg pulling in the drive with our tree.
Gregg, Kaidi and I on the porch of the Biltmore with the Biltmore property behind us.
The Biltmore Estate, Christmas Eve, 2009
With the Biltmore behind us
We were facing the Biltmore, This just shows the snow! :)
She was dancing!! hehe..
My Popcorn String!
Gregg, Scott and Gina putting the popcorn strings around the tree.
The finished product! :)
Battle of the Sexes
Day 3 (Christmas)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! We woke up and had a yummy breakfast of Eggs, Bacon and toast. We stirred around a little before opening presents. After opening our gifts, Lynn and I started on something for lunch. I brought a recipe for a chicken casserole and decided at the last minute to throw a hasbrown casserole in the oven as well. We had some of the things to make the hashbrown casserole except for cream of chicken soup. Thank God for the internet, we were able to find an alternative to the soup and threw it all together. :) I had never cooked neither casserole before, but was quite pleased with how they both turned out. After lunch, we loaded up and headed to find a local national park in hopes to see Elk. After getting a little lost (Garmin sometimes doesn't work too well with all the mountains and trails) we realized we wouldnt have enough day light left to see the elk and decided to find a movie theater. We punched one into Garmin and the closest one was 26 miles away. After driving that 26 miles that turned into about 50 miles, all we found was the top of a mountain, iced over and closed. We returned home and a few of us went out to find a Huddle House to eat supper. Here are some pics from Day 3.

These were 2 candles that were lit in memory of Brayden and Kenadi
This is an ornament that was hung on the tree for them.
Kaidi's First Christmas Ornament. I saw the commercial for these porcelain booties at Hallmark and just HAD to get them for her. They are absolutely beautiful!
This was my present from Gregg. He got me some Austin Alexander earrings. :)
This was Gregg's gift from Me. He lost his watch a few months back so I got him 2 watches, a dressy one and a "hunting/working in the yard" watch.
This was the 3 of us opening gifts that our best friends, The Sansom's, sent us to surprise us on Christmas morning.
Miss Kaidi was so pleasant on our trip!! :)
Day 4
We got up and decided that today we would go and see the Elk. We also planned on going to Tube World. We decided to go to Tube World first and then head to see the Elk. Gregg, Keith, Gina and Lynn went tubing. Because of having the c-section, I was unable to participate :( I really wanted to, but knew that I would definitely pay later! After the 4 of them tubed, we went to find the elk. We get to the road that the state park was on, and there was a sign saying that it was closed 4 miles ahead. We went as far as we could and unfortunately didn't get to the part where we would possibly see the Elk. BUT we were able to pull over and get some great shots in the snow and beside a very pretty stone water fountain. After we finished up on the top of the mountain, we headed to find a steakhouse. We came across Sagebrush Steakhouse and it was very good. We got home that night and started packing so that we could get an early leave in the morning. Here are some photos from Day 4.

Gregg tackling Gina into the snow, NO she did not hit the rock!
The entire group.
Gregg, Me and Kaidi
Me and my sweetie! :)
Gina and Me at the Sagebrush Steakhouse

Gregg and Keith coming down the slopes
The Slopes
Gregg coming down
The tubers! Wish I was in the group with them.
Day 5
We got up and headed home. :) But here is the exciting part:
So when we left, our house looked like this:
My sister went by on Saturday and took a pic of it and it looked like this:
Went to check it out on Monday afternoon and it looked like this:
Tuesday afternoon it looked like this:
And then this afternoon when we checked it out it looked like this:

Isn't it just amazing how fast it is moving, before you know it, I will be posting pictures of Kaidi crawling around on the floor!! :) This is so exciting! I am also getting a little nervous, that is a HUGE house and we have a lot of decisions to make before it is finished! I am ready for it to be done though. I am big time looking forward to a laundry room, a dishwasher, a pantry and an ice maker!! hehe.. you can tell what I lack at our current house!! :) Hope you all enjoyed my pics!


Unknown said...

Well for the first time im the first to comment... LOL!!! Love the post and the pics of the house!!! Its amazing how fast its coming along!!! The family pic is funny to me cause we all look so happy except for mom, she looks so miserable because she was freezing! And by the way, i think you need to sumbit that pic of Kaidi under the tree to a baby photo contest cause it is the cutest pic i have ever and i mean ever seen of a baby and im not just saying that because she is my niece, that pic is just awesome!!! And i still can't beleive how Kaidi was a perfect little angel all the way up there and back when it was around a 8hr drive each way!!! I loved watching her sleep the whole way there and back... that is when i wasnt catching a few shut eyes myself, LOL!!! She is amazing!!! And so are you and Gregg!!! Love and Kisses

Hannah said...

Well, i thought I was going to be first, but she beat me by a few minutes! Glad you guys had a great time! I love you!

Kristin said...

I'm so happy you had a nice time with friends/family. I have never been to the Biltmore but it is on my list of places to visit. Kaidi is beautiful and I love all your pictures.

Take care!

Lora P. said...

It looks like you had a great trip and Christmas! You've really made me want to go to the Biltmore- it looks beautiful!

My husband and I live in an older house and we lack a dishwasher too!! :( (Well except for me!). I always feel like I'm the only one in the world without one!! :) We're going to build in a year or 2- and I'm looking forward to having one too!!

Have a happy new year!

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures, glad you had a good Christmas.

Sarah said...

What a great post! That place is BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed your Christmas and looks like you guys had an amazing time. I love the pics of the house. That is so exciting to see the progress. Kaidi may be the most precious baby ever...she is beautiful and getting so big :) Praying for your family daily. May God Bless you in the new year to come. Happy New Year!! Hugs from Montana.

Courtney said...

Loved your pictures! By the way, I have not forgotten to send you something, it will be coming your way in the next week. Kaidi is adorable!

Life is a Cabernet said...

Miss Kaidi is so precious! I love her chubby cheeks and baby bluish eyes..
And that ornament on the Christmas tree. A little boy and a little girl hugging each other. It must absolutely be how B&K are now in heaven. They're all together, I'm sure of that. They must be hanging around in beatiful gardens hand in hand, always watching over one another.

It just made my eyes wet! But also happy.. Mixed feelings. Yep!

Sharon and Michael said...

Fantastic pics. Thanks for sharing. Kaidi looks amazing and mommy's smiles are very touching. Keep smiling.

andrea said...

congratulations on the house and Kaidi! she is absolutely beautiful!