December 21, 2009

We Have a Slab

And a storm room! :) I just don't have pics of it yet! :) I told Gregg that people were probably riding by and seeing our storm room in the middle of our house and thinking, "They are gonna have one big fireplace!" I am excited about the progress of our house and cannot wait until they start framing it up. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, but with the rainy weather ahead, it may have to wait until next week :( anyway. Here are some pics of the slab! :)

This is the front view

The back view

Uplose of the front. All the rebar sticking up out of the middle of the slab is now blocked up and that is where our storm room is! :)
This is completely unrelated, but I had sent this video to my sister in law so that she could see a video I had taken while at the beach this past summer. It is of the the 3 little girls (kenadi and my 2 neices brennon and addison) playing ring around the rosies. I am adding it here because she couldn't get it to download on her computer from the email so I am hoping it will work here. :)


Nicole VP said...

How fun! We are building as well, but we are quite a ways behind you. We are getting our plans finalized and then presenting it to the bank and the city. It is fun to watch your progress and know that someday, someday we will be there!

The Mikel Family said...

WOW----at the work! Things are coming along so fast! SO EXCITED!

... thank you for posting the video here!!----I really enjoyed it!! I know God has placed in where He wants us, but the video reminds me of how I long for Addison to be closer to her cousins!