November 23, 2009

Baby Moon

This past weekend was such an exciting weekend for so many people. New Moon came to town Thursday and sold out all the theaters. I on the other hand, don't care too much for New Moon, and decided to have an exciting weekend myself! :) I told Gregg that I wanted to get away Saturday. (every time I say get away, that means the beach) So we invited Ronnie and Ashton to go and spend the night down at the beach with us. We are both expecting a child so we decided to call it our "baby moon"! :) We ended up getting a later leave than intended on Saturday because our fellows ran in to a problem at the hunting land Saturday morning. Gregg gets to his tree stand at 5:45 that morning to find that someone has moved it about 8'-9' up the tree. He had to use the end of his gun to knock it down so that he could get in to it to climb it up the tree. Once he gets up there, he hears an ATV crank up and leave nearby. Then while he is climbing up, he gets to a spot that he needs to saw off a branch so he can climb higher and drops his limb saw.. so he ended up having to hunt from only about 15'. He likes to get about 30'. Anyway.. so he is sitting there and ends up dropping his blackberry from 15' out of the tree. Let's just say that he didn't have a very good morning. :) Anyway. Ashton and I headed to look at my lots so I could finally see for myself in person what progress had been made. Around this same time, our men were coming out of the woods so they just met us there. They went and got them some lunch, and Ashton and I headed to take some of Kaidi's things to a great friend of mine's mothers house for her to monogram/applique this stuff for me. I am excited about getting it back and seeing it all. She does GREAT work. I left her a couple of plain long sleeve onsies, some bibs, my boppy cover and a few outfits! :) Anyway, we left there and headed to Subway for Ashton and I to grab us something to eat. We each headed home, packed our bags and left for Destin. We got down there around 4:30 and went to Bass Pro and then to our hotel to check in. We drove in to Baytowne Wharf that night and ate at a restaurant called Poppy's. It wasn't the best food ever, but it was ok. My husband just LOVED how cheap it was... haha.. We went back to the hotel, watched a movie, sat around and talked and then headed to bed. Got up the next morning, grabbed us some breakfast and headed to Target! I bought me a few things for the hospital and for me to wear to my shower that I had yesterday. Left Destin around 10:45 and headed back to Opp so we could get ready for my shower. I had a wonderful diaper shower yesterday! I feel like there are diapers and wipes at every corner of my house now!! :) I am not complaining about that AT ALL! I just can't wait till we get into our new house so we have more room for this kind of stuff!! :) Right now, our spare bedroom only has walking room from the door to Gregg's dresser and then to the closet for me to get to my maternity clothes. It is nearly wall to wall in baby stuff. From her swing to a tote full of her bedding and stuff for when the house it built to 2 rolling racks full of her NB-3 month clothes! It's like a baby overload in there! :) Well I guess that is all I have to add today. I will try to add some pictures up later from the Diaper Shower and from the "Project House"


 The Morris Family said...

Still praying for you and for a healthy and safe delivery!! Can;t wait to hear!!


Courtney said...

My husband is also a HUGE hunter and got to his hunting spot the other morning to find that someone stole his tree stand, hunting camera, and feeder! I don't understand some people.
Good luck on her arrival. Praying for you!