October 19, 2009


We had a very busy weekend. Friday afternoon, Gregg headed up to Luverne to go hunting with Trey and once I got out of work and got our bags packed I headed that way too for us to stay the night in their cabin. I think I cried the entire way to Luverne. I was listening to the radio and they were just playing songs that I needed to hear and I was being blessed through heartache. I wanted to call up the radio station and let them know how many times they had blessed me in the past couple of months and how sometimes they played just what I needed to hear. I actually just took a break from here to go send them an email. I arrived at the cabin and as I pulled up there were many baby and mama deer in the field in front of the cabin and I just stopped the car and took in the blessings in front of me. They ran off and I made my way down the rest of the driveway, took our bag inside and grabbed a blanket and headed out to the front porch rocker to see if I would see anymore. The guys came walking up shortly and we headed to Goshen to The Old Barn restaurant. It was delicious. We each got shrimp and steak and I will have to say that was one of the best rib eyes I had tasted in quite a while (sorry Gregg but it was so true) We headed back to the cabin and got some rest and Gregg got up and went hunting again that morning with the guys. I went to Luverne to let Gina practice on me. She just started at the hospital in Luverne as an Ultrasound Tech and needed some OB Practice. I think we scanned for about an hour and a half. It was so fun getting to see Kaidi move around and stuff. We watched her play with her hands and suck in some amniotic fluid. We tried so hard to get a good profile of her, but she LOVES having those hands in her face. It is hard to believe that she will be here in 6 weeks from tomorrow! WOW! My shower is 2 weeks from yesterday and that is sneaking up pretty quick too! Whew. We got a lot to do.
Gregg and I have decided to do something different for Christmas this year. We are going to North Carolina to the mountains from the 23rd to the 27th. I think it will be really good for us to get away from the normal "Christmas" environment where we realize what is suppose to be going on and relive the wonderful Christmas at home last year so painfully in our minds. I started a Christmas tradition with the twins last year. On Christmas eve we sat around the table and I got some of those break away pillsbury sugar cookies and gave each one of them a bowl of sprinkles and let them roll their sugar cookies in the sprinkles. Of course Kenadi couldn't stop digging her finger in hers and eating it, but that was ok.

We baked them in the oven and had them out for Santa to enjoy that night. It was the first Christmas we spent at home with them and sad to say the only. My heart breaks as the holidays approach. I know that we have Kaidi to look forward to coming and all but this was gonna be the "fun" christmas with B&K! The one where they would be old enough to understand more and get more excited about it. I am glad that we are going to the mountains for Christmas. I do want to get away for the holidays. I am a little nervous about going that far with a 3 week old baby, but I know that it will be well worth the trip! :) I just can't see staying home for Christmas. Next Christmas we will be in our new house so it won't be as bad.
Speaking of our new house, We pushed 11 pine trees down over the last 5 days or so and it is getting closer and closer to ready. :) We have a few small things to take care of like water and electricity hook up and then we should be ready to go in about 3 weeks. We are very excited about it. We are building a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a huge front porch and I cannot wait! :) I will post some pics up of the land pretty soon.. I have some before and after shots! Anyway. That's all I have for now.


Unknown said...

Meredith, you guys are in my prayers. I am so excited for you both with Kaidi coming soon! I think going to the mountains for Christmas is a wonderful idea. You'll do great with your new little one. 3 weeks old...they just sleep all the time! =) Easy easy! My newest is 9 weeks and she is still a breeze to take somewhere! She can't get into much yet! =) Just snuggle and love on that new little one and y'all have a restful holiday.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to tell you that I am thinking about you.
Love the pictures of B&K.

Much much love and prayer,


Kim Nawlin said...

if you go through north Georgia be sure to go to Dillard, Ga and stop at the Dillard House Restuarant. They bring you everything on the menu and it is out of this world.
If you have any questions just email me kim.nawlin@powersouth.com.

Love you guys,
Kim Nawlin

Jessica said...

I have been following your story for a few months now....As a mother of 2, my son is 12 and my daughter is 8, I just ache for you. You are such a strong person and I've been praying for you. Just wanted to drop you a little note.

Jessica Tingley

~*~KRISTYN~*~ said...

I so admire that you keep on keepin on. I know you have days when its too much, but the fact that you get up another day and stay healthy for your new little one shows me the strength of the human spirit. I also know that nothing can replace what you have lost, but I cannot wait for you to have a new little one in your arms.
On a lighter note, what a great weekend ! I'll skip the shrimp, but bring on the steak ! :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Always thinking about and praying for you