October 14, 2009

B&K's first year of Did you Know's!

I wanted to do this just to help me through the day of remembering my babies. I have had a rough couple of nights and just needed to talk about them and feel a lil close to their lives again. I know for most of you it's useless knowledge, but it's something to help me out today. I know there are plenty more things that I could write on here and may come back and add them at another time as I remember them.

Did you know that Brayden and Kenadi were born on May 9, 2007 at 12:33 and 12:34 am? Brayden was older by a minute.
Did you know that I was scheduled a week later for a c-section but my water broke and sent me to the hospital on May 8?
Did you know I came home the day before my first mother's day? :)
Did you know that when they were 5 days old we drove an hour away to welcome their cousin in to this world?
Did you know that when I was 19 weeks or so pregnant with them, we learned that Kenadi had hydronephrosis?
Did you know when they were a week old we took them to Nemours Children's Clinic in Pensacola for Kenadi to see a neprhologist?
Did you know when we took them to their 2 week check-up, we noticed a strange "bruise" on the right side of Kenadi's neck that turned out to be a hemangioma?
Did you know that when they were 8 weeks old, Brayden got really sick and we took him to the ER at midnight with a high fever and they had to run all sorts of tests on him and admitted him for 3 days with viral meningitis?
Did you know that the day after we came home from the hospital with Brayden with VM, I had to take Kenadi to the ER and spend 3 days in the hospital with her for viral meningitis?
Did you know that while she was in the hospital with VM, they stuck her 27 times? (had a VERY hard time getting IV started, got it started and next day it shifted so they ended up just giving her shots of the anti-biotic)
Did you know that Kenadi had a major kidney surgery when she was 13 weeks old to repair her "kinked" ureter tube?
Did you know that Brayden had night terrors for about 2 months in a row when he was a baby that completely broke our hearts?
Did you know that we had their Baby Dedication in September of 2007?
Did you know that we left them for the first time overnight in September for us to celebrate our anniversary (that is in July) at the beach for the weekend?
Did you know that for their first halloween they were both dogs? Kenadi was a pink poodle and Brayden was a brown puppy.
Did you know that they went to daycare from 8 weeks to 4 months old?
Did you know that Gregg's grandparents kept Brayden and Kenadi from the time they were 4 months old?
Did you know that Kenadi had tubes put in her ears the week after she turned 6 months old?
Did you know that we took them to the beach for the very first time in November of 2007?
Did you know that Kenadi loved eating the sand?
Did you know that they took their very first bath together when we got in from the beach and LOVED it?
Did you know that they had a wonderful first christmas and were much more interested in the bows and paper than what was inside?
Did you know that Brayden started walking when he was about 10 months old?
Did you know Kenadi waited until around her first birthday?
Did you know they had a great first birthday party?
Did you know it was "beach ball" themed and they had all sorts of water toys and balloons?
Did you know Kenadi was not feeling very well on her first birthday and I got real worried about her so we took her to the ER about 10 that night and as soon as we got in the room she started seizing in my arms?
Did you know I almost had a heart attack that night and was scared to death that I was losing my child?
Did you know her temperature got up to 105 while she was seizing?
Did you know they took us to Pensacola and I got to ride in the ambulance with her that night?
Did you know that Kenadi had the seizure due to her high fever?
Did you know I spent my second mothers day at Sacred Heart Hospital with my daughter?


otherwise known as mom said...

I pray for you daily as you walk this very long road.

Stephanie said...

I enjoy learning more about B & K!

Mary Ann said...

I really enjoyed reading all the "Did you know?" facts! I am so glad that you post and tell us in blogland about your life. I may not know you but I care about the hurt you are going through. I pray for you often. Please continue to write what's on your heart.

Take care.

The Donley's said...

I pray for you daily. And my heart breaks for you, but swells with joy from the love that your babies felt while they were with you!!!
How did you deal with Brayden's night terrors- my son is 6 1/2 months old and has started to have them?

Love and Prayers,
Carrie from NC

Sarah said...

Meredith - Thank you for sharing the "did you knows" about B&K with us...I so enjoy learning more about your precious angels. You and Gregg are still in my daily thoughts and prayers. I hope your pregnancy is going well...you are getting so close to meeting your baby girl!!! God Bless you - Sarah

Unknown said...

Did you know that I pray for you everynight?
Did you know that I pray that your children come to you in your dreams, and you can see and hear them again?
Did you know that my heart continues to break, and probably will for as long as I live, for you?
Did you know that I wish I could hug you?

It's true.

Chantal xo

Keena said...

I pray that the Lord continue to strengthen you both. Although nights maybe long, I do believe Jesus is with you!! The Bible says, "Cast all you cares upon me because I care for you!" Thanks for sharing your experiences with you sweet children. I enjoy learning more about them! Take Care and God Speed!

A said...

I love hearing more and more about B & K :) and Omgosh that is so scary with K seizing that time and the VM that they both had! You have had a long road and my prayers go out to you! I think you should do a weekly "did you know" about K&B! Its great to hear more about them! :)

Julie Calhoun said...

I love following along in your Blog...I have missed you at Church...I love you and pray for yall daily as you go through this storm...just keep you heads up...I can't wait to meet Kaidi...Love you...

Hannah said...

Yes, I do know! I love you!

ashpuck said...

I loved learning about your children. I'm glad you shared those things with us.

Ashley Broach said...

You do not know me, but someone sent me your blog a couple weeks ago, and you have not left my thoughts and prayers. I am also a mother to twins - identical boys- and one left this earth last December when they were 18 months old. I can comprehend the pain you are feeling right now, and I know our Lord has you wrapped tight in His loving arms. This is a horrific nightmare no mother should have to endure, but He will see you through it. Ten months after losing my baby and a series of other traumatic events, He has not left my side, and my faith is more firmly rooted than it has ever been. As I read your "Did you knows?" I couldn't help but think the trials you went through with your babies, the scary illnesses, were God's way of preparing you for what was to come. As I look back on my life, I feel He did the same for me. I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your two angels in Heaven. Ashley

 The Morris Family said...

Its so good to write things down. Keep telling us about your sweet babies....

Praying daily for you!!!


Kylie and crew. said...

I loved this post! It's so wonderful to get to know these little ones...even thought they are in heaven they are so real to you and I'm blessed you are sharing them with us! Thanks.

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing those Did You Know ,we all love to hear about those precious lil angels. We pray for yall daily,

Jennifer said...

I like the comment...Meredith, do you know...so many people continue to pray for you. Praying for you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a sweet post....thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I prey for you and greg every night and I here for the long road with all

Kristin said...

I so loved learning a little bit more about your babies. Thank you for sharing them with me for a few minutes.

momeeof3 said...

I enjoyed learning more about your beautiful twins. We pray for you family daily.

Marianne said...

Thank you for sharing about your family, I have just recently found your blog and loved learning more about your children.

Unknown said...

I remember all of this.... and there is still a lot more "B&K's did you know's" so please post more, it helps me to remember them too....

Love you

Mama said...

Yes, Baby girl! Mama remembers! Love You!

Nicole VP said...

I started reading your blog on Thursday and just finished tonight. Oh-how my heart goes out to you and your family. Unfortunately, we all take our family's and children for granted at times. Your story has made me snuggle my kids a bit more this weekend and stop and enjoy their laughter, hugs and kisses. I'm praying for your strength and appreciate you wearing your heart on your sleeve (blog). Keep your head up!