September 24, 2009


I wasn't able to post yesterday due to my quesadilla disagreeing with me and deciding it wanted to come right back up. BLAH. Guess Kaidi didn't like it to much. She was very active yesterday afternoon after my embarrassing face to face action with a back alley garbage can and it was almost like she was dancing for joy inside of me that she didn't have to eat that. I am gonna have to really start watching what goes in so that it doesn't come back up. Spicy Foods- NO MORE until after lil Miss Kaidi gets here. Which really stinks because I am a HUGE fan of chili. I was also planning my birthday trip to Miyori's again like I did last year, I think I will still do that. It is too good to pass up. And it's really not spicy. It's just steak and chicken grilled right in front of you with a delicious side of rice and veggies.. mmmm... just thinking about it is making me want to make reservations RIGHT NOW~ hehe... can you tell I am pregnant? Anyway.  I am gonna answer a few questions that some of you have asked me over the past few posts. (if i can remember them all)
Many of you are asking about my mom. She is doing ok. When we talk, we don't talk about the situation or our feelings. I do not want to bring up anything that may cause my mom to feel more guilt than I am sure she already does, so we talk about stuff unrelated to the kids. Just please continue to pray for her. She also had surgery on Tuesday and is now home, recuperating from that so please also prayer for her quick healing on her jaw and ear. Many of you have suggested medication and counseling. I am not taking any medication and I won't take any. I did have some Xanex (sp?) prescribed to me from my doctor the day Brayden passed away and I only took 2 doses of it and decided that I didn't need it. I am in no way knocking on taking medication for depression, but medicine is just not for me. Gregg and I are seeing a Christian Family Counselor and it has been going pretty good. We have only been twice and it will be quite a few weeks before we see him again. I have considered making a trip to Grief Share which is a program that is offered every Thurs. night at a local church here for local people who have lost loved ones to come to for support. As for my Rolled Chicken Breasts recipe :) I will have it posted this evening after I get home and crack open my Opp Cookbook to let ya know. If there are any more questions, please allow me some time to answer them. I have to go back through the many comments. I also want to say thank you for the encouraging comments you all have left. I do read each and everyone of them and sometimes I visit your pages if I have time. I enjoy the scriptures and prayers. Please continue to lift us up. May God Bless Each of you!

Of course I had to add some wonderful pics of my kids! :) There are a LOT of them.

Like her flip flops?
How sweet!
Valentines Day
Making a birthday cake for Daddy
Playing outside.
At the pumpkin patch
He was so handsome. Just like his Daddy.
Do you see the resemblance? 
What about us?? Do you see it there too?
I hated cutting those curls off!
Sweet Angel Face.
Those pretty baby blues.
My mini-me
Precious! She was about 7 months here.
Patting his sissy.
Double the blessings
Double the love.


Sarah said...

Oh Meredith...your babies are just precious and so incredibly beautiful!! I love the one of the 2 of the holding hands, it kind of looks like they are dancing :) Thank you for answering the many questions people have asked about your Mom...I am praying for a speedy recovery for her after her surgery. I continue to pray for your family and I have been checking your blog for new posts. You guys are constantly in my thoughts daily. I admire your stregnth in so many ways as well as your faith in God that seems unbreakable. You have touched my heart. God Bless you and Gregg.
- Sarah

Unknown said...

What if someone is already planning something for your birthday.... you can't go planning to! That's all i'm giving you the rest is a surprise!!!! Now just sit back and relax!!!! ;-)

Unknown said...
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Stephanie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and your mother are able to still talk to each other. I sure have thought about her when reading about B&K's story!

Those pictures of the twins look just like you two! Your little mini-me's. So sweet. They look like they were such happy kids.

The Mitchell's said...

I love Love LOVE when you post pictures!!! Always puts a smile on my face, as I know it does yours too!!! Love ya!!!

Emily said...

When I saw the thing about the rolled chicken breast, I just had to tell you that I made chicken club brunch ring (from Hannah's tupperware party WAAAAYYY back in the day) for a tailgate Saturday. And when someone asked me what it was called, I told them Meredith's Brunch Ring since that's what's on my recipe card. p.s. the pictures are great. Lots of hugs!

Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

OH I just love them so much!!! I feel so blessed to be able to pray for you all and them as well! Thank you for sharing those pictures and please know that I pray for your Mom as well!!! I hope she is able to let go of some of that guilt!

Your words seem so happy today and that makes me so happy for you!

God bless!


Kim Nawlin said...

I pasted you today as you were leaving work and said a prayer for you. Right after that I heard a song on faith radio about waiting to heal and then I said another prayer for you and Gregg. Just know that Mark and I are here for you.
Kim Nawlin

Kim Nawlin said...
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Kim Nawlin said...

Okay, I tried to delete my mistake, but I can't. It should have been passed.


Just Add Walter said...

those sweet little babes.. I love when you put up pictures of their sweet little faces. I think about your family often... God bless!

Grami's girls said...

You are really an inspiration. I don't know you but my heart breaks for you and your family.

Marie said...


Hilltrain said... very, very precious!

Thanks for the update on your mom too. We'll continue to pray for you all.

Kelly said...

Oh, I loved seeing the pictures of your precious children! I'll continue to pray for your mom as well as you and your husband.

Kim said...

Meredith, I just wanted to tell you what these blogs have meant to me. You see, to you they may just be your thoughts of writing down how you and Greg are doing in your day to day life of living, but somewhere along the way of me reading them, they have become a sort of therapy for me, thearpy that I didn't even know i needed. Even though I have known you and known who you were for a long time, I never really knew "YOU" and now through you sharing your heart I can truely see what a light your life is. So I must say THANK YOU for sharing your precious memories, pictures, faith, times when you're strong and times when you not. And your sweet hope for the tomorrows...(Kanidi)

Kylie and crew. said...

Oh I loved this post! Great pictures. I think of you and pray for you every day! I was sharing your story with a friend of mine who just had twins today and she cried and we prayed for you. I can't imagine how this will/has changed your relationship with your mom....Thanks again for being real!

Heather said...

What beautiful pictures of two beautful babies. You know that I think they look like your and Gregg's mini-mes. Praying for you!!!

Janell L Fredericks said...


thank you for updating a wee bit about your MOM...I cannot imagine...maybe it would help her knowing that sooooooo many of us are praying for her 2...just a thought? You , greg, and your mom are prayed for by me, DAILY!!! Your story has REMINDED me to love on my GIRLS just a little bit harder then I normally did....because earthly life is just too short........!!! Thank God be have heaven to look forward too!!!!

Teach said...

Thank you for answering about your mom. She has been on my mind ever since I first read about your precious babies. I have thought about how horrible my mother would feel. It just breaks my heart. I will be praying for you, Gregg, and your mother!!! God bless you!!

ty said...

beautiful pictures :) they are little mini-me's of you two!

Rebecca M. said...

Seeing the picture of the twins as little babies, wearing just their diapers, made me cry. I guess because my guy is only 7 months old, so it hits closer to home, thinking of them as babies. I can't imagine your sorrow at losing your beautiful children. I'm glad that you continue to post pictures and share their beautiful faces. I definitely see the resemblance between you and Kenadi.

Unknown said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time now and never quite knew what to say. What precious, precious children you have. My heart just breaks for you and know that I pray for your family daily!

Marva said...

Hi Meredith, this is my first time commenting. I came from kelly's Korner a few weeks ago.

Please know that my family, including our three year old twin boys are praying for you, your mom and Gregg!

I love on my boys a little extra each night and they pray for the Ramer family too.

You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your life.

Phil. 4:13 has so much meaning for us...... "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me".

Blessings & Prayers!

Anonymous said...

That so cute and I have been preying for you ...My heart goes out to your mom