September 9, 2009

Back Track to Father's Day, Fishing, French Braids and the Fourth

Gregg got the ultimate Daddy gift for Father's Day this past year. You can't go wrong with a Weber Grill. I had it all leading up to the big present. It started with him opening a frozen pack of steaks. He then opened a book all about grilling and about that time his phone started buzzing and he received a picture message of a new grill with a grill brush hanging on it and a nice red bow on top. We of course didn't get to use it that night because the steaks were frozen, but we have used it many, many times in the last 3 months. After the present opening, we decided to break out a new sprinkler that Brayden and Kenadi were given for their birthday and give it a whirl! They had a good time. I have attached some pics of the present opening and the sprinkler fun.
It was funny watching him open this one because he had this odd look on his face and kept saying, "It's Cold?"
A book to tell him how to do it (although he already knows)
The full package!
I know it looks like Gregg is dragging Brayden to the sprinkler, but he really wasn't.

Kenadi didn't mind it too much. 

Now on to a nice little fishing trip! We took Brayden and Kenadi over to Gregg's Papa Pete's pond to go fishing one Saturday. It was hot but we had a lot of fun with them. We caught several little bream and a few bass. Kenadi tried to help hold one of the bass that was caught. I also have added a pic of her hair the night before. I was able to french braid it for the first time. And it actually lasted for quite a while. I was so proud! :) 
Trying to hold the bass.

Checking out the fishies.

The first fish of the day. Kenadi liked playing with it a lil more than Brayden did.

I honestly could not believe that she sat still long enough for me to do this.

She loved that little Minnie Mouse. 

We had a nice gathering at my Mom and Dad's house for the 4th of July. Had a few pics of Brayden and Kenadi with my sisters kids. You gotta love the one of Kenadi falling off the tricycle. It is great to know she will never have another boo boo! :)

She is pretty tired here, if you can't already tell.

My sweet babies. 


The boys!

Ashton, Grayson, Brennon, Brayden and Kenadi.


Kristyn said...

Hey there ~ I don't know you, but I read about your blog on a page asking for prayers for you. I just wanted to let you know that even as a stranger, I can see that you loved and gave your children the best life possible. They are so blessed to have you and your husband as parents. Stay strong and healthy for that new little cutie coming.

Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

Hey Meredith~ I don't know you either, but I have followed your blog for about a month now. My husband and I sat down last weekend and read all of your post since the accident. We weep, got made and prayed for you! Our hearts ache everytime we read another post, but lately it has tickled my heart seeing how your post are changing. I know it has to be such a struggle to talk about the kids, but it seems that it might be getting easier! I thank you so much for being so strong and sharing your story with us strangers!!! It has made us better people knowing your story! Stay positive and strong for the new miracle God has given you!!!

Alexa said...

luvin on you & praying. I can't imagine being in your shoes, but it is my hope & prayer that there is a reason behind all of this!

Bryce's momma said...

What a fun-filled post! Your memeories will carry you always! Kenadi seems to have been into the same things as my neighbor's little girl! Minnie mouse and her mom likes to braid her hair like that! How are their cousins and other children friends coping? It must be hard for everybody who loves them!

Anonymous said...

I just would like you to know what a difference your story has made in my life. I do not know you but I happen to come across your blog. Your stories have torn my heart out but at the same time has made me really realize to stop sweating the small stuff and just enjoy my children. Life gets so hectic and busy that sometimes we forget that the most important things are our family. I am truly trying to change because of your story. You are alot like me and your children were lucky to have you as a mom. I know your daughter will know how much she is loved and will also know what a great big sister and brother she has watching over her. My prayers are with you.

Katelyn Ellis said...

Hey Mere! Can't beat a Webber...Cory won't use anything else! Sweet pictures of your babies...always make me smile = ). I also saw a picture of you and your mom on facebook recently...looks like Miss Kaidi is starting to make her appearance! Love mommy tummies! Still thinking about you often.

Heather said...

What a sweet wife you are. Sweet precious pictures.

Heather said...

I am blessed enough to have met your precious children. I am a friend of Hannah. My heart has ached for you and your family. Now my heart rejoices because I can see the healing power of God working in your life. My dad passed away in January. Although it is a different pain from yours, I still don't know what I would have done without Him to see me through. He did some really amazing things for me at that time. Others might say it was just "small coincidences" but they were my miracles.
Thank you so much for sharing your powerful testimony. It's amazing that God is using those two precious little lives to touch SO MANY different people.
You are always in my prayers!

Unknown said...

I'm crying here in New Zealand . The pictures of your babies are so precious. The one of Kenadi fall ing of her trike is soooo cute! God bless You and Gregg and baby Kaidi.