June 2, 2009

My Mom's Birthday Party

My mom wanted to have a get together for her birthday, and boy did we! :)  We had a party back in March for her birthday which was April 1. We had so much fun. It was a PMS party: Popcorn, Movies and Sundaes! It was Ladies ONLY! We asked everyone to come in the PJ's and slippers. (that was kind of scary, good thing some of these ladies didn't get pulled over on the way home, they would have had some explaining to do). We had taco salad for supper which was delicious and then we hooked up the xbox 360 and played Dance Revolution. Now I don't know how many of you are familiar with this game, but it is good exercise and is fun to watch someone try it, especially when they are uncoordinated! Everyone participated in that so that was fun. then we all drew #'s and played 4 games of twister with 4 ppl on each team. The winners of each team then had to play each other for the final winner. The match came down to Pam and myself, and then I had an impossible move that left me flat on the floor. A few ladies had to get on home and the rest of us put on a movie and had some popcorn and ice cream. I believe we watched The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. LOVE this movie! I think I got home around 1 that morning! We had a wonderful time and it was even better knowing that my mom had a wonderful time. I hope that we can do this again soon. Not for my birthday though b/c I will be almost 8 months pregnant!! Just take me to Hilltop and let me enjoy Alaskan Snow Crabs (Gregg that one is for you) ( another story for another day). Here are some pics from Mom's party!
Ok, Back Row LtoR: Cindy, Laura, Mama, Patsy, Kim
       Middle Row: Wanda, Vickie, Pam
     Front Row: Hannah, Tina, Clara, Joyce and then me in the very front.

Above: Hannah and Patsy playing Twister
 Vickie and me playing Dance Revolution

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Heather said...

I have GOT to move back closer, totally hate I missed the party. I'm sure you girls had a blast.